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  1. Two animals of the same species can still breed with each other when only one of them has the mutation. Their offspring gets DNA from both parents so there is a good change they will have the mutation as well.
  2. I think all the people in the world would only come together under one nation if we found intelligent alien species, and we saw that we are very similar. The way we are now, there would always be too many cultural differences to form one nation. The system you described, with a world government, then country governments, isn't that similar to what we have now, with the UN. Obviously the world government would be more powerful, but is it the same sort of idea?
  3. I'm not saying don't dream, rather just weed out all the projects and ideas that are done purely for the enjoyment of a few people, like building space hotels. You say a Martian colonisation would lead to the development of new and more efficient systems etc., but since when did these advancements have to be a result of such a mission? I know this is getting off topic, (sorry) but which do you think is a more realistic goal? 1.The colonisation of Mars and getting it to a condition where humans can live and survive easily, and live a life that isn't hell, or 2. The identification of an earth-like planet and the sending of humans to this planet. If it is number 1, sure the colonisation of Mars is a justifiable goal. People will always dream, of course they will, I'm just saying just develop and goals that will actually be useful.
  4. same to you. You obviously know a lot about Australian politics, thanks for starting the Australian election thread just as I was getting sick of all that stuff about American politics. I've learnt a lot from your posts. At least we don't have anyone quite as unintelligent or inarticulate as Sarah Palin yet. Apart from maybe Barnaby Joyce. :)

  5. Hi mate. Nice to see another Aussie on the forums.

  6. Would you admit that the Greens are a more socially progressive party, for example by allowing gay marriage? And at least they don't play on peoples fears like the Coalition has in relation to asylum seekers.
  7. I'm a teen and it pisses me of when I see on TV or in newspapers etc stuff like: "Shocking teen sex habits," or "teen violence" and it portrays all teens as being extremely violent people who f*** everyone they see.
  8. Looking at all this mosque and Koran burning stuff recently, I'd have to say bad.
  9. Yeah DNA sequencing is huge, and its not just human genomes. Scientists have determined the entire mitochordrial gemone of a wooly mammoth and about 50% of it's whole genome. There is hope that in the future they might be able to brought back to life through cloning or combining its genetic material with an Asian or African elephant.
  10. yeah that'd be much better
  11. I'm just happy Tony Abbott didn't get in, that bogan. Also thankful those independants are finished with their obvious glee at being in the spotlight. You obviously hate the Greens as a party, what do you think about Bob Brown?
  12. Haha, I won't. Oh, so you just want an intresting thread. Then it turns into a moral question. Should we stay on Earth, and try to make it as livable as possible and reduce greenhouse gases and all that, or should we spend lots of money on trying to travel to other habitable planets, which might not be possible for a very long time, while millions starve on a still very habitable planet? I see your point, sooner or later something will wipe out life on Earth, and to avoid being wiped out we do need to spread.
  13. It's not just newspapers and TV, now it's that stupid Twitter thing, with celebrities constantly sending out unsubstantial information like "having a coffee." Who cares? A lot of people, on second thoughts.
  14. How would building a orbiting hotel or a hotel on the moon possibly benefit people? But education, building schools, all that stuff would make a huge difference.
  15. That's my thinking. How can you all think up all these lavish (and wonderful, admittedly) scientific uses and ignore all the starving people in the world?
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