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  1. My phone has an application which allows me to use a bluetooth keyboard to input data to it. The only thing is that i dont have a bluetooth keyboard, i have a normal keyboard and a usb bluetooth dongle. Does anyone know of any windows pc programs that allow me to use my pc keyboard with my bluetooth dongle to act just like a bluetooth keyboard. So I can pair my pc and phone together and whatever i type on my keyboard, will be processed by the computer and the output will be sent as a bluetooth signal which will then be recognized by the phone as input. This way i can do some programming using Python for nokia S60 without having to scroll through a list of common symbols used in programming, with my phone keypad. It would be much easier that way. Any ideas?
  2. Ok, thanks for your contribution to my question. I'll try the resistor thing, and if it blows up then... well, that'll be one lesson learnt the hard way.
  3. The batteries are rated 1.2V, 700mah and they are Nimh type. The resistor idea might work, but then I had another idea. What if I could use one of the charging bays to charge 2 batteries at a time by placing them parellel to each other? Or what if I charge 2 of the batteries and then place a fully charged battery and an empty battery into the charger, so one of the batteries would be charged twice. Would this cause an overcharge? All i know about the charger is that It takes 16 hours to charge the batteries. I know this is a problem that is easily resolved, but I like to do things the hard way.
  4. I have an appliance that uses 3 AAA batteries, and I have a charger that can only charge 2 or 4 AAA batteries at a time. I need a way of charging all 3 batteries at once using the charger, without overcharging or blowing something up. I could just buy another rechargeable battery and then charge all 4 of them, but i dont want to. I was thinking of maybe shoving something between the contacts of where the missing battery should go so it is a complete circuit, but that will probly blow something up, or overcharge the other batteries. Any ideas anyone?
  5. I dont see why everyone says microsoft is so dumb. I have been using it all my life, it hardly ever crashes, when it does crash its because my computer is so slow. I have used IE 7 and it works fine, just like all the other previous versions. I visit many different websites every day and I have never had a virus, I have had a couple of small spyware but nothing major like any password sniffers. The only firewall I use is microsoft and I have never had any problems with it. I think it all started when one person said they didnt like microsoft, then everyone else just started to say it so they would sound smart.
  6. concrete_hed

    Water Fuel

    I just read http://hytechapps.com/aquygen/international_journal.pdf. It is a scientific analysis of the HHO gas basically. If your smart and you understand lots of intelligent words then u might understand it more than me, but from what I gathered, it involves magnets, electricity (but not as much electricity as normal electrolysis of water uses) and something about reversing the magnetic polarisation on something. If you want to read it yourself, read the first 2 pages and the last 3 or 4, you might be able to understand it more than me.
  7. You could always try electrolysis or salt water. This will give you chlorine gas and hydrogen gas. Then you can breathe the chlorine gas in and you will die, and if you collect enough hydrogen gas and ignite it you will also die.
  8. Ok, i am dealing with UHF around 470 - 477 mhz. The transmitters are 0.5watt and i would like to get that up to about 1 - 2 watt. What is the easiest way possible to do this. Im thinking something along the lines of a repeater (recieves a signal from a selected band and them amplifies it), is it possible to make one using a fixed crystal clock oscillator?
  9. Maybe someones after you. I would lay low if i were you.
  10. Yes i do have an oscillascope program, i have a normal computer microphone put it doesnt pick up anything when i hold it right near the smoke alarm. I do just happen to have a pair of ultrasonic reciever things that are hooked up to my "RealRobots" robot. All it is, is a small speaker about 5mm diameter. I was thinking that i could make a microphone from these using an audio transformer. Can anyone tell me if this would work?
  11. Just recently my dog has been acting strangely and i discovered that it was the smoke alarm that was upsetting her. Sometimes i hear the smoke alarm making all sorts of strange tones. I think that the smokealarm is making a tone that is above humans hearing range but not that of a dogs. I have tested my hearing and i can hear up to 18khz only just. I tried replacing the battery of the alarm but it still upsets my dog. So clearly the smokealarm is stuffed but i want to figure out whats making my dog all mental. Does anyone know how i can make a microphone that will be able to pick up 18khz and above tones? Is it possible to use this microphone with my computer sound card to record the noise?
  12. Yes that has helped a bit, i knew basically what it does but you have given me more info. Thanks. one more question, if i were to type "arp -s 00-aa-00-62-c6-09" what would that do?
  13. Another way to check if any unwanted programs are executed on startup is to check the registry folder HKEY_Local_Machine (or HKEY_CURRENT_USER)\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run. If you see any programs you shouldnt see then i sugest you remove the key. Playing with the registry can be dangerous if you dont know what your doing but no matter what you delete in the RUN folder it wont screw up your computer, the worst thing that could happen is your sound card or graphics card drivers wont load up, if you delete something, write it down so you can restore it if needed. Also check the startup folder in the startmenu for programs also
  14. I recently discovered ARP.exe (windows version). I have heard that using arp you can route all data coming in and out of your computer, this is how many hackers can learn usernames and passwords and listen in on your instant messaging conversations. When i run "arp -a" it returns: Interface: ---- 0x10003 Internet Address Physical Address Type 00-0f-b5-7c-7f-20 dynamic My computer( is on a local area network and is my default gateway. Can someone please explain to me what the information above means? Does it mean that all information entering and leaving my computer goes through Is the physical address shown above my physical address or's physical address? Can i change this to another address? What can i do with arp.exe? If someone could pleas explain this to me without using too much technical terms that would be great. thanks
  15. if you want to find out more about coils then read the howstuffworks article at: http://electronics.howstuffworks.com/inductor.htm
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