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  1. http://www.bwgen.com does this actually work?
  2. i read about a technique were you wake yourself up after around 5 hours of sleep, become fully awake and then do something like focus entirely on having a lucid dream and go back to sleep.
  3. if your really bored, and have lots of freetime then i advise staying up for three days straight, and listening to The piper at the gates of dawn by pink floyd over and over again, never done it myself but its an idea, also walking to random places without knowing where your going can be fun, let your imagination go and paint a whole room, escape the canvas.
  4. personally i don't like rap, don't mind tupac though and i like R.A.T.M, but i don't like modern rappers most of them (not all) are just out to get money. Personally i like prog\psychedelic (Pink floyd - astronomy domine, interstellar overdirve). Also many of the "beats" used in rap music are very, very simple drum beats which is why i would say it lacks artistic creativity.
  5. evenin' im Dom, im interested in psychology and Java, im 15 and believe i may be slightly obsessive,i also go on long rants that go no were and sometimes don;t even make any sense, there strange there full of crap about other crap and mainly feature leprechauns just because i think there funny, especially if they are drunk which i would presume they are because there little leprechauns i crete in my imagination along with bob ross who speaks funny but keeps me entertained at 5 in the morning, i also like the fact that bob ross never seems to change his paintings always a hill, river or mountain which of course has to have trees in them and ... shit, that was a rant and if you read it all i am amazed and shocked, well not that amazed
  6. http://www.nioeyes.com/eyes/care/qanda.htm#trails%20or%20tracers
  7. Are these like the things were you wave your hand in front of you and then see like an outer-side of the outline of the arm following slowly behind, 'cause i get that sometimes and people look at me wierd when i do it, i enjoy it but i also want to know what it is
  8. Me and my friend were at school last week and he was talking about how atoms make up everything even cells, which led us to thinking about memory. I was wondereding if anyone on here can explain this. If the part of the brain that deals with memory is made up of cells which are made up of atoms then does that mean atoms can contain information?
  9. this topic is cool, anyone guess mine?
  10. i wondered if these would count as hallucinations. Just now (2am) i saw my keyboard on my laptop have like a liquid effect for a few seconds, i also had this once before on my wall. Also i dont think these are hallucinations but i wondered if anyone would know why i have wierd thoughts were i can actually visualize the idea perfectly and become dettached from reality for about 2 seconds, like at school i thought it would be cool if the room had a big painting of the sun on it and then i saw it and thought it was there for about 2 seconds. i just wondered if anybody knew anything about this. Try lucid dreaming to hallucination im starting tonight, read about a guy who split into 2 people at once and had sex with himself.
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