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  1. Red and Blue Lights in the Milky Way Galaxy Posted on: Tuesday August 8, 2006. The structure of two recently discovered silicon oxide nanoparticles, their properties provide a formation mechanism for larger silicates and are a potential source of luminescence in the interstellar medium. Image to right: The structure of two recently discovered silicon oxide nanoparticles, their properties provide a formation mechanism for larger silicates and are a potential source of luminescence in the interstellar medium. Credit: A. Reber, VCU NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md., in collaboration with university scientists, have solved yet another mystery. For years, scientists have observed unstructured silicate particles in space, but could not pinpoint the origin of recent observation of wide presence of crystalline silicates or their role in the Milky Way Galaxy. The work of Ashraf Ali from Goddard, Shiv N. Khanna from Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, and A.W. Castleman, Jr. from Pennsylvania State University, University Park., have successfully created nanoclusters of silicates. They were also able to predict that these particles have absorption features from the red and blue lights found throughout the Galaxy, and could be the original building blocks of Earth and other planets in our solar system. To further understand these silicon oxide nanoparticles (tiny particles), Castleman and his colleagues undertook studies of cluster formation and their growth under expanding plasma-jet conditions (ionized gas) and followed the changing composition of these clusters. The experiments were designed to enable insights into formation mechanisms operative in the regions of circumstellar environments (the space around stars) where silicates are often found. By exposing silicon monoxide to the plasma conditions, they were able to convert silicon oxide gas to clusters of silicon oxide nanoparticles. The formation of these particles had never been observed or proven, that is, before Ali, Castleman, Khanna and their coworkers began their study. Employing theoretical methods to study the growth of silicon oxide nanoparticles, Khanna and his colleagues obtained direct insight into mechanisms and unraveled two puzzling mysteries. First, they demonstrated the mechanisms that might be responsible for the formation of silicates providing another step towards the understanding of the history of the formation of our solar system. Secondly, the silicon oxide nanoparticles have electronic properties that allow the absorption of the blue and red light and it might relate to the absorption of starlight and emission of red and blue light known as Extended Red Emission and Blue Luminescence consequently. Astronomers have long observed the red lights in the Milky Way Galaxy but have never been able to determine the exact nature of particles that were responsible for the emission. "To understand the chemical evolution of the formation of planets, we have to understand the composition and degree of crystallinity of grains in interstellar space" said Ali. By determining the role of the chemical processes involved in the formation of solids, scientists understand more of the mechanics that inspired the creation of Earth and its neighboring planets. The particles discovered likely played a major role in dust formation process in circumstellar environments of young and evolved stars. Ali and his colleagues conducted their experimental research at the Pennsylvania State University Chemical Physics Laboratories in University Park, Penn., and the theoretical work in the Physics Department of The Virginia Commonwealth University. The investigations were made possible by funding from NASA, the U.S. Air Force and the Department of Energy. The results were published in the June 19 American Chemical Society's Nanoletters journal (Nanoletters, vol 6, p1190) News Story Origin and Copyright: NASA Click here for the original news release. Now can you see that a high-energy plasma-jet can fram a nuclei to polerize like my model?
  2. Dear insane_alein A little Joke; Here is a picture and description again, or should I be using a brail type computer for the blind. A B [A] This is the nuclei of the atomic system showing the neutron & proton with there strong forces holding them together. This is a blow up of the nuclei showing us that what we see as the outer shell of the neutron & proton is just the blurred orbits of their quarks and that the three quarks of the neutron spin out fields of flux that inner lock with the fields of flux that are spun out by the protons three quarks with the exception of one of the protons field of flux is spun out at 90 degrees to the others,[ most likely doe to that quarks spin] and this one holes an electron in orbit around the proton.[What we call the charge of the proton] I call this one the strong P-E field. As we can see the orbits of the quarks are in different orbital planes so as the quarks move in their orbit their hold on the other will change so we now can understand the cause for nuclei’s constant warble / or vibration. Also we can now see why as the quarks move apart the force seams to get stronger, this is do to more of the fields of flux will come into play. We also can see that all of the forces are of one type, and that is spun out fields of flux by either the electron or quarks. Thus we have a Unified Field Theory! That will also include gravity, as you will see. Now bring in “The String Theory” Finely last week I was able to see just what the string theorist concept looked like, well at lest one of the five string theories. Now just visualize all six of the quarks in motion with their orbits and keeping their interlocking flux energy fields around their counterparts. Now I can see why the String theory’s math can explain the action / motion of the strong force flux fields fairly well. These little circles of flux energy would be contracting and expanding all of the time.[so the math of the string theory of the little circles of energy will work here.]
  3. Look at the model in the first posting! It shows the others still with in the nuclei.
  4. Dear insane_alein; Look here is an Iron atom the atomic-system that we believe is the one that make up the earth’s inner & outer cores with its 26 protons 30 neutrons and 26 electrons Then I show the Iron atomic nuclei being forced to a shape / pattern so that we now have the strong forces / High Energy fields of flux to polarize and propagate out as GRAVITATIONAL FIELDS OF FLUX. IT IS THE STATE OF THE MASS AT THE CORES TWO PARTS, That brings about the magnetic and gravity fields of a planet. The state of the inner core’s mass brings about the polarization & propagation of the Magnetic fields. The state of the outer core’s mass brings about the polarization & propagation of the Gravitational fields. Yes, I am talking about iron in the case of the Earth and in the case of Jupiter it would be the element [H]. YES, I KNOW CALLED THIS POSTING FIELDS OF IRON RULE THE UNIVERSE ! Oh, by the way broth Newton and Einstein believed that gravity should have two poles The same as magnetic fields do. Yes, Einstein, “It is called Einstein’ Cosmic Constant” Yes, I do believe this, One pole will always face the core of the heavenly body And the other pole will always face out into space.
  5. The events with the electron; Is in Electronics 101. I now know that you do not have Radio Shack in the UK but there has to some type of electronic supply store there. Gat a grounding rod [ They are just 8th brass or copper rods ] The get or barrow a digtal vote meter and a long wire [ say about 50 to 60 ft.] then string up the wire in the trees or any way that you can, the put the [- or black led of the meter to the graonding rod and the + or red led to the long wire and you will get right at 0.6v every time. Then you come back and give you explination on just is happening there.
  6. Dear Forum; I fell the need to remind some here that; ALL HIGH ENERGY LINES OF FLUX and HIGHT ENERGY LASERS AT ANY WAVE-LENGTHS including IR are all still in the Electro-Magnetic Light spectrum.
  7. Dear Swanson; From the DOD’s want list; way back in the late 60’s. Just after my first classified patent on the effects of cooled IR detectors. This is, “NOT” a direct quote, but very close to it! Named; The dangers /or threat of High Energy Electromagnetic fields /or EM fields. These EM fields are like billions of high energy projectiles that rip through our electronics. In effect they were looking for help in trying to come up with some type of shielding. This two examples of a low energy EM field; [1] A conductor conducts in the outer electron-shell of the atomic system, and when the magnetic lines of flux moves across the conductor its’ lines of flux forces the electrons in the outer shell to drop to a lower electron-shell leaving what we call electron-holes and it is because these electron-holes the other electrons move in to fill them , thus we are conducting . [2] The same action of #1 happens when an EM field [ in this case RF ] meats an antenna, the lines of flux creates electron holes / electron flow @ a rate of 0.6 v and this is then amplified in the radio. So ever since then I have consider EM fields as a mass of physical entities Of couse this is just my understanding!
  8. Dear insane_alein Ok, is the action in the conductors that you need to understand! A conductor conducts in the outer electron-shell of the atomic system, And when the magnetic moves across the conductor its’ lines of flux forces the electrons in the outer shell to drop to a lower electron-shell leaving what we call electron-holes and it is because these electron-holes the other electrons move in to fill them , thus we are conducting / or electron-flow .
  9. Dear insane_alein electron holes in alternators? okay... i have never heard of anything like this. could you explain further. i think it could be a misunderstanding here This is all there is to one, a magnetic field being rotating in the area of the coiled Conductors, the only difference between a generator and an alternator is the way the coiled fields are connected.
  10. Quote; In a generator not Originally Posted by insane_alien electron holes? you mean in semiconductors or what? In a generators and / or alternators; Where a magnet is spun in a group of coiled conductors; And that is all there is to one.
  11. Sorry; I do not narmaly do that, you are right, it was the others that have been attacking me.. by the way Opholite is from the UK!
  12. it is not resistance that strips the electrons away when a collection of atoms are heated but collisions between atoms knock electrons away. infrared is NOT heat and does NOT cause this. it is the vibrational energy of the atoms, this could have been pumped in by an IR laser but does not mean that the IR is the direct cause. Dear insane_alien Just so you will get off this subject line. Go to you nearest Radio Shack ; And pickup a very small out put IR led and a cheep solar cell The go into a dark room and see for your self just will happen Then where you live there must be factories that have big open metal building and most likely you will find hanging from the roof what is called IR heaters and then tell everyone here that IR is not one wave-length used to heat.
  13. Dear insane_aiein & Anjruu Quote; [ah well, that could happen. i'll agree with you there. although, where the laser is at the core of the earth, i don't know.] This where we all got track; [There is no laser in the core of the earth.] And it is most likely how I worded it to begin with! To explain the thermal energy transfer action between the inner & outer cores of the earth I showed a picture of a cutting touch and a laser cutting a hole in a piece of iron trying to Show the action & reaction explaining that this high energy transfer and I used infrared as the energy instead of just saying high energy heat causes so much resistance that it strips away the electrons and puts the iron into a plasmatic-state. IT IS THE STATE OF THE MASS AT THE CORES TWO PARTS, That brings about the magnetic and gravity fields of a planet. The state of the inner core’s mass brings about the polarization & propagation of the Magnetic fields. The state of the outer core’s mass brings about the polarization & propagation of the Gravitational fields. Yes, I am talking about iron in the case of the Earth and in the case of Jupiter it would be the element [H]. We see Newton's work here, and all of the fields combined would cause Einstein's warp in sapce & time.
  14. Dear CanadaAots Quote: Originally Posted by swansont e.g the objection that the phenomena under question are present even when iron is absent. Apparently, iron was just his main example. Why he put so much empasis (even naming his theory "Iron rules the universe") I don't know... You are right; It is not iron, It is the two states of masses that make up the inner & outer cores of a given planet be it the earth with Iron or be it Jupiter with[H]. Well some one at lest is trying to understand my very bad way of saying stuff.
  15. Dear Swansont; Quote; Don't need to Google it, I've done it (seven different isotopes). Happening in the lab right now, as a matter of fact, with Rb-87. The atoms remain neutral, however. The electrons are not stripped No, I am sure that you do not need to Google it. And I am sure that you are right. In that experiment that is going on at this time. But, I have over the years read of experiments that where many different wave-lengths of lasers [including infrared] have been tested and used to striped the electrons away. And even to the point to take Iron, and many other masses into the plasma state, and past to the point of vaperation of the mass. At the plasma state & the point of vaperation state, I would say that the electrons have been striped away. And for insane_alein to say that infrared lasers can not do this is just wrong. I do not care if insane_alein understands this or not. Actually, it is PhDs like you that I was hopping for to really take the time and not just skip-over reading my postings and pick out missed spelled words, I really believe that you will see that instead of contradicting other theories actually unifying most of them into one. Please; I ask that you to go back and look at my postings carefully. Broth postings under “Mass @ c” and “Fields of Iron Rule the Universe” If, not those, please, at lest the one that is Called “My Observations” and give me your Understandings on this event.
  16. Dear Anjruu & insane_alein Quote; 1/ you have not proven that iron nuclei will polarize. you need to do this before your hypothesis will be anywhere above complete nonsense 2/ how do you explain the effect of the gravitational field strength decreasing as you travel further under the surface of the earth? this effect is alreadt nicely explained by the fact that ALL mass and not just iron will attract all other masses. in your hypothesis we should see gravitational field stregnth increasing below the surface. this is not seen. 3/ why is gravitational field stregnth not proportional to the amount of iron in an object? 4/ why do objects with no temperature gradient still exhibit a gravitational field? 5/ how exactly does an infrared photon interact with an atomic nuclei? and why hasn't this been observed in the many thousands of experiments where they were looking for this sort of thing? 6/ why do you ignore most of what we say? we are not idiots. 90% of the people here are extremely well educated and very smart. 7/ you have claimed to do some very mathematically heavy studies/jobs yet you claim to be bad at maths. i know one of these is true and i'm thinking its the latter. __________________--------------------------------- [1] The experiment needs to be done on the [ larger scale that I show in these postings] and under lab interments, along with real physicists. [2] WHAT?? You need to lookup miners that go down so for that they have to take time to decompress just like divers do on their way back up! [3] Because it is not the fact that it is Iron, [it is the state than the mass is in.] Didn’t you read the posting on the state of the mass in Jupiter’s core that I posted? [4] That was the old way to explain gravity, that is just the electromagnetic-weak force. Why don’t you use that to explain Newton’s actions at a distance / or real gravity. Because that is just what I am explaining here. [5] I do not always remember where I have read things, BUT yes infrared lasers have been used to COOL atoms [i know that that sounds Bass-ac-words to say COOL] , but that just means that they striped the electrons away and cooled the atom to some where near -273 k Just Google it [6] I do not ignore you, I have answered most all of your questions to best of my abilities and time. [7]With the trouble that I was having with Dyslexia at 17 I joined the Navy 1961 and at that time I was geek on electronics and was able to get in to Radio, Radar, and sonar Schools that got me into Sub-school also, USNB 598 G.W. [At that time and maybe still, everyone had to at lest know how to shutdown the reactor.] And even now I am a amateur radio operator call sign, [ ke5rls ] That got me really interested in nuclear physics, but mostly I was sonar operator, and when on /off the sub at six months at a time, on land they didn’t need sonar operators so I was an SP / law enforcement. I then left the Navy and became DPS in Arkansas, and there I took some Physics at U of A. I never planned on doing anything with it other than I just love to learn. Later I moved up to The Tacoma-Settle area where I became an Investigator, there I also took some physics classes. Then in 1975 I came back to Texas to see my Mom in the Hospital in the valley and my younger brother set me up with his English Teacher as a blind date and we have been married now for 31 years. We have two boys that are now teacher as their Mother is. In Victory Texas I took CAD at the Jr. collage mainly to be able to do my own paten drawings After retiring [22 years] for med- reasons [shot] we moved to Houston where I have taken some more physics here at the U of H, and I do part time CAD drawing for members of the Houston Inventor Club. That has about 500 members, of witch about 1/3 are people that work at NASA or their contractors, but still I never planed to do anything with my studies. I am not a scientist nor do I claim to be. I hold no degrees! But, I am a very good investigator and for the past 17 years I have put all my skills to this work. I really do not care if I can get my understandings over to anyone or not. My studies have always been very private to me mostly because of my Dyslexia. So private that is all most like a religion need to me. I just love to understand the workings of Nature. And I just thought that I should share them with all of you. Now you see why I could never be a Teacher, [My wife has for years tried to get me to do part time substituting.] So I will just say goodbye to you. It would have been nice if one of you could have understand that my work is good enough to say hay I / we have the lab and equipment to do the experiment.
  17. Dear insane_alein Quote; yes i understand how a railgun works. i've built one infact. it seems here has been a misunderstanding on my part. you made it sound like you were claiming the fields propagated at g instead of c. sorry. what layering of gravity fields? to all intents and purposes there is one field. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Layering is the same as if you added more coils to you railgun, each layer /or coil adds more acceleration because it add more density to the flux force lines in the fields. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- You have seen my model of an Iron Nuclei polarized; [ I doubt that I need to post again.] Well can you picture that the outer core of the earth is made up of these stacked end for about 1,400 miles and each and everyone adds a layer to the of fields of flux lines of forces that make up the gravitational fields. If your weighted yourself standing in deathvalley at one mile below sea level you would be in a much densiter layer of gravity than if you then weighed yourself standing in mile high city of Denver. --------------------------------------------------------------- Where would you weigh the most???? --------------------------------------------------------------- If you are in the vomit-comet or a rollercoaster and your descent is faster than [g] you will be weightless. That is because you would be over coming the pull of the on coming levels / or layers of the gravity fields.
  18. Dear insane_alein; You realy think photons are moving through that conductor and spinning out the lines of flux??????????? If so; there will be NO need for me to try to explain any more to you!!!!
  19. Dear insane_alein Quote: The electron is responsible for spinning out the electromagnetic lines of flux. no its not. the force carrier responsible for electric fields is the photon. get your physics right. Just what particle do you think spins out these lines of flux????????
  20. Dear insane_alien; Quote; the field will also not propagate at 9.81ms^-2 either. it will propagate at c. i have a hard time imagining the mechanisms for a force to propagate at an accelerating rate. __________________ YES the gravity fields of flux move @c! Actually all fields of flux move @c! PROPAGATETION; This is the layering of the gravity fields, and it is this layering that causes the acceleration rate of [g]. ACCELERATION; The incoming mass is accelerated as it moves down into the propagated gravitational fields and they get denser, [Closer together!---thicker!!] [Q] have you ever seen a drawing of a railgun or a maglift train. Or can you understand that a command electromagnet fields are an accelerating levels to its’ field.
  21. Dear Augruu; Polarized Iron nuclei; End view; The iron atomic system and it’s nuclei being polarized; Thus we have the fields of the nuclei polarized and propagated out as gravitational fields. These fields have the same pattern as magnetic accelerating fields But these fields start out only as wide as the nuclei and propagate out well past the moon.
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