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  1. Sleep is always important no matter what. Four hours of sleep is better than no sleep. When it comes to becoming more intelligent, people argue what intelligence is. I call intelligence the ability to outsmart your opponent no matter if it is living or not. Is learning history better than physics? Maybe when it comes to warfare and implementing new types of weapons that were made using physics' calculation. Everything interlocks; however, a lot of gibberish exists inbetween all the crap people try to feed others.
  2. Although I hate the U.S., I still like the diversity that makes this country strong. Yet the diversity can destroy people when it comes to bioethical issues. I believe if I had my choice, I would not study in North America.
  3. Join tons of clubs you are interested. It is said, those with the same interests get along well.
  4. Do your best in school. If you can take a beginning calculus course, do so. Is English the national language of Canada? I do not believe ESL counts as a foreign language requirement. Perhaps you may be interested in taking up the German language.
  5. Minor in mathematics; major in computer science.
  6. Typically, if a course is three hours/credits, then you will spend three hours studying and doing homework for every hour spent in the classrom. A typical class is one hour long a day; these classes are often Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Another book you may be interested in reading: http://www.bartleby.com/185/ Money Issues: Many undegraduates students go to a community college to save money. University courses cost more money to attend than a college; thus, people take similar courses at a college before transferring to a university. Mathematic courses transfers to many public universities and colleges. I suggest you go to a community college first and take mathematics courses to the highest level of calculus offered. Four years of one language in high school is often required for entering a university; therefore, I suggest you take French. Some people highly suggest mathematics, physics, and other science courses. I suggest someone who is taking residency in the Americas to take up mathematics and a modern language. If the courses do not transfer, you will be able to test out of the courses. Calculus is calculus; French is French. The arts and humanities are disputed. It is easier to test out of mathematics than an art history course. Another note: Since you want to become a scientist, a university is well worth your time and effort. The truth is, people need to have a degree to be trusted in society. College and universities are all about status.
  7. Answer 1: Maybe. Answer 2a: Wikipedia: Indigo Chilren - Criticism and scientific investigation Answer 2b: Protoscience and metaphysics. Recommended Reading: Who Are the Blue Ray Children?: A response by Gordon M. Scallion
  8. You doubt your abilities? You believe your English is not well suited for studies? You don't think you're ready for the material? 1. Do not doubt your abilities. 2. People talk too much in America. I dislike talking; I like typing. - Scientists always need to improve their English. Writing Guides: English Usage, Style & Composition | How to Speak and Write Correctly | Higher Lessons in English 3. Grab some books from a college library: physics, chemistry, biology. College libraries allow people to rent (for a lack of a better word) out books to people. Read through these books and post questions you have about them on this website. The best way to enhance your mind is through the power of reading material and the help of others. Money: Talk to a school advisor or counselor about money matters, loans, and financial aid. School: Do your best in school. Knowing and understanding what you are studying. A lot of people dislike the idea of grades. I dislike the idea of grades also. However, grades are a way of testing your knowledge to see if you know something or if you don't. Think of a school test as an evaluation of your knowledge. The more knowledge you accumulate, the more you will be able to apply. Don't think of a test as degrading, think of a test as something to practice your knowledge on. Few are the chances people have a chance to test their knowledge in real life situations. Do your best in school.
  9. Heavy metal, punk, and hip-hop for me.
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