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  1. Well, I think the logic is "if your body expelled it, then it's not useful". However, urine has also water so, in an emergency, I think we can drink urine without fearing for our health, although the probability of being drinking some pathogenic bacteria. Moreover, I think that an healthy adult can metabolize again the wastes of its urine, so it will not be prejudicial. But you're not asking if drinking urine is dangerous, but precisely the opposite. Well, I think it's not. And since we cannot find any scientific evidence to support this, I guess that we can assume that drinking ur
  2. I think that one of the best examples of that are related with carnivorous plants. They produce nectar which attracts small insects, but then the insects get caught by the plant and are digested by them.
  3. Life can exist in extreme conditions, and the extremophiles are an excellent example of that. But extremophiles are mainly bacteria, and bacteria are not animals. And sigle-celled organisms are not animals, too. One common characteristic to all animals is that they are multicellular.
  4. Well, I admire a lot of scientists, but I think one of the most inspiring examples comes from Marie Curie. I think that she's an example as a scientist and as a person. And with her I learned a thing that I realized how important it is only a few time ago: ideas are far more important than biographies, and it does not matter if a very famous scientist says something, because we are all able to judge its ideas and to verify the truth of its words. I don't know the worst example.. Maybe Georges Cuvier. He was dependent of the public opinion and he did not try to find hypothesis that could ma
  5. Some fungi organisms are also single-celled, such as yeasts. We do think, at least today, that the first ogranisms to appear were unicellular and simple ones, called procaryota. For example, bateria are procaryota, and they can be distinguished for they have not organels inside separated membranes. Then the eucaryotic cells appear. The eucaryotic cells are bigger thant the procaryotic cells, and have different organels inside them, such as mitochondria. Our cells are eucaryotic, for example. We do think that some organels, such as mitochondria and chloroplasts (and many other plasmids
  6. JN.

    Redox reactions

    I already understand how to balance a redox reaction, considering the environment in which they occur. However, I do not understand why do we need to consider that. I mean, why do OH- and H20 and H+ interfere with the reactions?
  7. JN.


    Hi! Today I was taking care of my plants, and accidentaly my hoe beated in a stone and I saw a spark. Does anybody know what happens with the atoms? The first thing I thought was the work done by the shock energizes the atoms, and when the atoms get de-energized, resulting in the spark. However I thing that this is not a good interpretation of that.
  8. I think this problem seems to be about maths, but if we look closer, we'll see that this is just to make people laugh. I think that the most important here is that grass grows continuously, so it's impossible for the animals to eat them all. I think that's how it should be interpreted but, of course, I may be wrong.
  9. 1.1) Well, I have not the right to judge the people tied to the track, so I can't say it would be better to kill one and save five. As I'm not responsible for mad philosopher's acts and I can't save everyone, I wouldn't switch the train. 1.2) No. The fat man is an innocent person here. He has nothing to do with the mad philosopher's actions and he should not be seen as a sacrificial animal. As I think one's life has an infinite value, the value of the fat man is equal to the value of the five people tied to the track. So, I wouldn't kill an innocent without knowing is will to save anybody.
  10. It's the first time I update my status.

  11. I support the women's right to abort. I think that when we're speaking about abortion most part of people only thinks about the foetus, and forget the woman's right over her own body. The same way I should have the right to make a tatoo, I should have the right to remove a kidney if I wish so or, in the case of a pregnant woman, to remove her baby. However, if the foetus can survive outside its mother womb, he should not be killed, for it is an independent life. Now speaking about the hypothetical situation on the first topic: in my opinion, no one have rights over other people, except
  12. Why do you say your friend was taught to be gay? Although gay pride do exist, families do not encourage their children to be gay. In fact, families are always reproving all sexual orientations, except heterosexuality, of course. This should result in children "choosing" heterosexuality. However, there are gay children. Maybe this should be a fact against the nurture explanatory theory on homosexuality. Why are you trying to "cure him"? Does he appears to be suffering? In affirmative case, maybe you should ask him what's making him suffering. Why will homosexuality be a problem in th
  13. I think it would be easier if you took the interphase. The interphase has three characteristic steps: G1, S and G3. The G1 concerns the cellular growth, and happens right after the cellular division and the formation of the cell. S stands for the replication of the DNA molecule. This molecule should be correctly copied, to avoid mutations. G2 is related with the duplication of other organelles. This duplication will prepare the cell to divide itself. So as you can see, either DNA molecule and organelles are divided; however, although the DNA molecule is correctly (under ideal c
  14. We must, after saying homosexuality is or is not a mental illness, say what a illness is. In my opinion, a disease is a condition of our body or mind that make us suffer or that can destroy us (and with "destroy" I mean kill us or making us incapable of living a life with quality). Thinking about this definition, I think that homosexuality should not be considered to be a mental illness. Homosexuals do not have any physical problem, neither a psychological one, because homosexuality is not directly related with some cases of depression or suicide. Some people say homosexuals have a men
  15. It was because of the impossibility of proving something only with verification that Popper developed his theories of falsiability. In fact, proving that all crows are black empirically is also impossible, because we can't prove there are no more crows in other part of our world. That's the old story: we cannot prove the non-existence of something.
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