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  1. Dear admins & mods, As a newbie in scienceforums.net, I would like to suggest to separate the all the disciplines of engineering into divided sections (e.g : Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemistry Engineering, etc etc etc) since it seems kinda disorganized. This is because when we view the topic (of course in your mind will be think is it mechanical engineering or civil engineering for example). Cheers
  2. I got an assignment a little bit same with your problem (which is the load). Your calculation mostly will be head for statics analysis. After you get the exact value, then you can doing the other analysis (e.g : dynamics, strength etc etc).
  3. Kindly can you attach any picture of it? Perhaps it can make it more clear for us. What do you mean by self-power? Is it the thingy you attach on top of the car roof and when travel it will spin and produce some energy?
  4. Hye, Anikirol88 here. Just want to say hello to all. I just graduate Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Selangor Industry University (UNiSEL), Malaysia and currently taking Bachelor (Hons.) of Mechanical Engineering at same university. Hoping to share any informations all about sciences especially mechanical engineering between you guys.
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