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  1. I was 11 and had just finished a rather cold and boring rugby training session. I was quite tired and fed up with the rugby and just wanted to get home. As I was walking over the field to the changing room, my mum came walking over. I went to go complain about the rugby and she just had that look of; "if you think thats bad....." Got home, saw it on the news but really didnt think too much of it because i didnt understand the significance. But to do remember sitting on my bedroom floor the next day, reading the Daily Express (when we used to get it) just taking in all that had actually happened.
  2. I am just a very big fan of the Simpsons and I loved the bit where he 'broke' into the Nuclear Reactor and stole a Plutonium rod to make Lisa's non-functioning reactor, functioning. In Homer's words, he "spiced it up a little". Of course, he had to taste the plutonium rod, just to make sure.
  3. I personally would like: "If life is only a dream, have I just woken up?" Thought of it myself
  4. Okay, thanks very much. I had no idea that a simultaneous equation was involved.
  5. Hey all, I was sent an AS Maths preparation/revision booklet for me to go over and complete questions in before i go back to school. After one of the questions, it gives a random puzzle and I am stumped. I havent been told how to do it before. It says that a cubiod has a volume of 7.5cm3, a total surface area of 26cm2 and the total lengths of all its sides is 26cm. I am told to give the dimensions of the cuboid. I have absolutely no idea on how to do this. I can find the volume etc from the dimensions easily, but i dont know how to do it in reverse. Could someone please shed some light on how i would go about doing this. Thanks
  6. Hmm, the back door into my garden opens outwards. I suppose the builders must have placed in an alternative just in case you decided that the back door should count as another front door. (Not really sure in this case.)
  7. I think doors are supposed to open inwards so you don't hit the person who has knocked on the door. I suppose it would be a lot more impolite to have a door which the knocker has to step out of the way of when opened. I believe it is all to do with manners, not so much security. The idea of opening a door, especially the front door, is to welcome someone into your personal space. It is much more polite to open the door inwards so they can enter with no problem, to getting hit in the nose by it when it is opened. Thats just what i think.
  8. Hey hey all! Just got my GCSE results! I must say I am very happy with them. Here's what I got: English Language - A* English Literature - A Maths - B Biology - A* Physics - A* Chemistry - A History - A* French - B ICT - A Latin - D Ive been told that just the fact i have done latin is a good sign on your record and that employers like it. I was worried about my maths because i needed a B to get into the sixth form i wanted and thankfully, I got it. I got in! (They were only accepting 25 people from other schools which made it even harder.) I'm just so happy and glad. I just wanna wish everyone who got their exam results today congratulations and well done. It has taken a lot of effort to get this far and I hope it was all worth it and your results show just what you are capable of. Well done everyone and good luck in what ever you plan to do next!
  9. Thanks very much. I am really looking forward to it. Oh and by the way, if you were thinking this was an actual school, its not. It is just a 6 day residential course. It would be amazing if it actually was a school.
  10. Hey all, Tomorrow, I'm heading off to Space School UK up at Leicester University. It looks absolutely amazing. Its designed for year GCSE and A-Level students to learn more about well... space. I'm gonna get talks about current and future missions to other planets including the planned manned mission to Mars and the Moon. We are even getting a demonstration of experiments in zero gravity by the ESA student parabolic flight team! Not only that, we are going to the National Space Centre along with another observatory. It looks amazing! Even having a competition to see who builds the best rocket! Sorry I'm bragging all this but I am just so excited! I even got a scholarship to it and saved £250. It runs every year (this is my first time) so look out for it around june/july next year (i discovered it reading in NewScientist). If anyone else from this forum is going, I'll see you there. Woohoo, can't wait. Hopefully I'll learn much, much more. By the way, there is the website for those interested in maybe next year: http://www.spaceschooluk.org/
  11. Current time here: 9.30pm GMT 2/8/06 And according to the website: Oh woohoo. Just the thing for morale.
  12. How exactly would you suggest such an equation being formed? If you were to put everything into one equation, you would be linking up E=MC2 with F=MA. I'm thinking, would it even be possible to put all these equations together without them all confusing eachother? Or, do you mean one equation which 'rules' the universe. I believe that is what they are doing with Supersting/M-Theory - trying to find the ultimate equation for everything. A bit like in the Doctor Who episode, School Reunion where these aliens were getting schoolkids to find the ultimate equation so they could control time and matter itself. With that equation, they could mould the universe in the way they wanted. Even bring back the dead i think. I believe there are already people trying to form the perfect equation for the universe but it must be pretty damn difficult. Cut them some slack. To be honest, I think finding such an equation must be like finding the answer to the meaning of life. When the answer is found or the equation formed, what point is there in living? I personally believe the meaning of life is to search for the answer to that question - and i suppose, along with the ultimate equation. As some say, its all in the thrill of the chase.
  13. "A controversial alternative to black hole theory has been bolstered by observations of an object in the distant universe, researchers say. If their interpretation is correct, it might mean black holes do not exist and are in fact bizarre and compact balls of plasma called MECOs. Rudolph Schild of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts, US, led a team that observed a quasar situated 9 billion light years from Earth. A quasar is a very bright, compact object, whose radiation is usually thought to be generated by a giant black hole devouring its surrounding matter. A rare cosmological coincidence allowed Schild and his colleagues to probe the structure of the quasar in much finer detail than is normally possible. Those details suggest that the central object is not a black hole. "The structure of the quasar is not at all what had been theorised," Schild told New Scientist. A black hole, as traditionally understood, is an object with such a powerful gravitational field that even light is not fast enough to escape it. Anything that gets within a certain distance of the black hole's centre, called the event horizon, will be trapped. A well accepted property of black holes is that they cannot sustain a magnetic field of their own. But observations of quasar Q0957+561 indicate that the object powering it does have a magnetic field, Schild's team says. For this reason, they believe that rather than a black hole, this quasar contains something called a magnetospheric eternally collapsing object (MECO). If so, it would be best evidence yet for such an object." Carry reading on at: http://www.newscientistspace.com/article/dn9620-mysterious-quasar-casts-doubt-on-black-holes.html Incredibly interesting (i think)
  14. Whatever it is, I got Easy Rider. "You just want to maintain a calm, cool and comfortable environment." Yep, thats pretty much me
  15. Holey moley. Imagine that thing hopping towards you at 30mph with fangs beared. Who needs a boxing kangaroo when you have that?
  16. Fine, they're both great! Go pizza/pasta land! Woooo
  17. Woohoo! Go pizzaland! I knew i could count on you. Well played all
  18. *Off topic Woah, did you just have a lobotomy? Strange how writing can change so drastically - especially to something like that. Sorry. I just have a thing about being able to read words easily - i prefer it that way. *On topic Nearly all plants (except from carnivorous e.g. venus fly trap) produce food via photosynthesis. I imagine that the venus fly trap also does photosynthesis because mine turned vegetarian and still survived! However, I am almost certain that no plant, anywhere, has a digestive tract.
  19. I really don't care about the world cup - never have. I only chose Italy because I like Pizza and Pasta.
  20. To be honest, that is exactly how I see it too. We are getting to the point where we can see the foetus and look for any inheritied diseases and IIRC, actually prevent them. For all we know, that baby could have fought it in later life and become stronger than it - becoming the 'fittest'. I reckon if we continue what we are doing now, by keeping everyone 'normal', we will stay like this for a long time. Which is a bad thing i might add.
  21. It says that the missile landed 200 miles away after its 40 second flight. It must have been going pretty quick. If they did aim it at the US, i wonder how long the West Coast would have to react. Scary huh?
  22. Doesn't some sort of rubbish collection company somewhere actually use the methane from the sites to fuel its trucks? I think i've seen it somewhere.
  23. *I googled it but all i could find was stuff about the largest one ever found because of 2 neutron stars, or how people were making huge ones. I guess i will just have to look harder. Thanks anyway
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