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    Just wondering, why does the rabies virus go airborne when it infects humans and not animals like dogs?
  2. Basic for an effective teacher (in whichever subject) I think is the ability to connect with his/her students. The teacher must be flexible and adept at determining what strategy works best for his/her students and work from there in order to relay knowledge or properly instruct and achieve the course objectives. An effective teacher must have flexibility. Having a background on psychology or the behavioral sciences will probably help aside from being a "people person".
  3. This thread is great. There are great tips here that I can use for when I do demo teaching a few years from now. Keep this up! :-)
  4. Define thought first. I'm being influenced by I, Robot because that's what I'm reading now. So I'd say, yes, computers (robots) may be capable of thought. I think far more logically than we hope to be.
  5. I agree with you, however, I wonder how far the government can regulate the internet. Any thoughts?
  6. I find the OP to be a brilliant idea!
  7. sabbath


    The thing is, the one thing you need to be, when you love somebody, is being aware of that person's imperfections and shortcomings, but appreciate them despite their failings. That the flaws don't matter, because you're still happy just being with that person anyway. Well, I think. But who can trust my judgement, I've never been in love. Haha:D
  8. sabbath


    I'm having a good laugh out of this thread...haha.
  9. I'm currently taking this subject and I need help looking for cases to write in my journal. I have to pass it by the end of this month. Can someone please help me look for cases online? By cases I meant documented cases in counseling where the counselor has assessed the subject and put in details etc. as to his/her condition, the implications and carried out devices/means to help the subject cope with his/her condition. Thanks in advance.
  10. I prefer AVG more. It eliminates worms efficiently, though avast does well with trojans, too.
  11. It's instinct I think. Self-preservation. But the extreme is paranoia personality disorder. Searched this link up, but haven't got the time to read. Some errands to do. Gotta jet. http://bama.ua.edu/~sprentic/607%20Epley%20&%20Huff%201998.htm Hope its got the right info.
  12. -Asimov Couldn't be truer. Thanks for the link bascule.
  13. Entropy I guess? Isaac Asimov had a short story on this, forgot which. That the energy produced by stars (where we get our energy i.e. the sun) will eventually die out, even the stars that are man made (that's some future technology!) and that may be the "end of all" then. But if it is so, that would be billions and billions of years from now.
  14. sabbath

    Glowing Plants

    What if you use bioluminiscent bacteria? Would that be more difficult?
  15. That is something that I can agree to. But I still see the need of ethics especially in these field of research, or for any field of science for that matter. Ethics is for the good of humanity anyway, though at certain instances you may say that it can stifle progress. Though the greater challenge there is to come up with treatments and new technologies that do not go against ethics and what it means to be human. We cannot permit the ends to justify the means.
  16. The guess is only as good as the person thinking it up. Whether that person is perceptive, etc. Natural psychologists I presume?
  17. Even if in the said research process scientists will be able to create living mutants and other deformities i.e. through laboratory accidents or just simply because the scientist wanted to find out if it was possible. After all, as you say, we mustn't let ethics stifle progress. An experiment is just an experiment, whether ethical or not. It is science. And by the way, that's what we need ethics for, that's why we've got to "whine" about it, and not just try everything. And death penalty, by the way, is another ethical issue.
  18. Oh wow. I just read the explanation. (image #2) I committed the errors that they predicted. I find this really interesting.
  19. I took the first test and these are the results: On list A I got 12 out of 15 and wrote Needle which wasn't on the list. In writing the words down I also wrote them according to which column I could remember putting them in and I was correct in all entries save for one. I put Sewing in the second column instead of the first. In List B I still got 12 out of 15, wrote one word that wasn't in the list (Sleep) and misplaced one word (Snooze) coz I put it in the second column. I made the same errors in the two tests. Remarkable.
  20. With this statement can I safely presume that you support stem cell research using embryos and fetuses?
  21. It's not that the garlic idea is bad. But it would be difficult because you're actually competing with pharmaceutical companies. What would bag you an intel prize is if you discovered something the pharma companies have not discovered yet, or beat them to it. But then somebody mentioned little fishes and big ponds a few posts back and well it can't be denied that you're the little fish. They've got the research backing and funds, you're still out there looking for labs and profs to help you out. But when it comes down to it, it won't matter much whether you have funding or not when you have a very good research design. You just have to be creative, and not only that, you also have to be resourceful. That's what budding scientists without funding need! And well you really can't use the whole garlic thing because there would be just too many factors involved. Unless you only eat garlic the whole day, and no other fluids. Plus there's the metabolism, every person varies in his rate of metabolism. Then you'll have to control the activities of the specimen, etc. So the whole garlic thing is actually quite complicated compared to what ecoli suggested on extracting pure allicin. (garlic? umm..allum sativum right?) Is allicin a phenol, a sapponin, a flavonoid or something else?
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