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  1. After looking at it, I realized what he was talking about. My thread title says "Playing the car stereo to loud.." A typo on my part.
  2. Ah, sorry, I misunderstood. If you left the volume alone, it would be less damaging to your ears then, correct?
  3. Yes, but the sound has to reach your ears in order to do damage to them, right? If you have the windows rolled down, don't some of the sound waves escape out the windows?
  4. Is listening to your car stereo at a lower volume but with the windows rolled up worse for your ears than listening to it louder but with the windows rolled down? I always notice that when I roll the windows I have to turn the stereo up louder in order to hear it. No surprise really. However, does turning it up louder put more stress on my ears, or is the noise supressed more because much of it is escaping out of the car instead of bouncing around on the windows?
  5. On Tuesday, the Supreme Court will hear a case involving the patenting of the link between homocysteine and B-12 deficiency. For the people who do scientific research, do you find your work being hindered substantially due to the threat of being sued over patent violations? According to this 20 percent of the human genome is now privately owned. Do you feel that the current patent system is holding back the amount of scientific discoveries that could be made?
  6. Hey all, I'm a freshman Evolutionary Biology major. I spent six years in the Navy working as an Electronics Technician. While I have always been interested in science, it was my favorite class in HS, this is the first time I have actually seriously considered pursuing it as a career. The more I learn about how science works though, the more I feel it meshes very well with my personality.
  7. I am looking to subscribe to one or two magazines and would like to get some input on which ones to look at. I picked up Discover and Scientific American and they seem to have some pretty good stuff in them. I'm looking for magazines that can explain things clearly and are respected for the authenticity of their articles. I would like to be able to quote from the magazine while talking to someone and not have to worry about misleading data, things taken out of context, and other issues that can be found in other types of magazines.
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