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  1. hi could anyone help me shed some light on balancin this chemicle equation??? MgHCO3 + HNO3 ==> Mg(NO3)2 + H2O + CO2
  2. my physics homework is to memorize the periodic table (including all the symbols) and in groups. Is there an easier way to do this?
  3. hey that guy in ur avata is frm "death note" isnt it??
  4. da vinci code nxt word - fiction
  5. saske

    Darwins Awards

    the most painful would b a guy who was really annoyed by this chicken waking up everytime when he sleeps, and 1 nite he had a dream where he strangled the chicken to death, so he went out there to kill the chicken with a knife and accdently cut off his testicals, which the dog ate , hes not dead but he cnt reproduce no more
  6. I came accross this while doing school assignment on charles darwin, yes the same charles darwin that convinced the scientific community of the occurrence of evolution. Long story short the charles darwin awards is given to tho who died by a stupid cause, for example this case was placed 2nd in the 05 darwin awards - ps. sorry if i was the only person who didnt kno about this already:D other events include "death by lavalamp", "death by vomiting home made liquor on fireplace" and more found on http://www.darwinawards.com/
  7. I just saw a notice up in our notice board, saying theres a science competition where if u win u get to go to Antartica:-) !! I have to investigate or expirement something and make a 5 minute video.. I've been thinking for the whole day but all my ideas seemed kinda boring so far.. so i was wondering if any SFNer had an idea i have a forensic lab for tools and im in a area close to many streams, rivers and seas and i havd about 6 weeks to complete wateva it is im doing.. cheers
  8. wow... too many to list.. taking out all the gunpowder from a box loads of fireworks, stuffing all the gunpowder into a glass jam jar and blowing it up... i dont recommend doing this.. making a floppy disc bomb using nail polish remover and such and handing it in as "homework" to a teacher which ended up blowing up my teachers laptop.. doing a belly flop off a diving bord 5m high spraying a whole can of antipirsprint on my arm, which ended up giving me a scar.. ahh.. so many memories
  9. hey, i go to a secondary college in New Zealand, i'm here to see if science is the my way to go in the future =)
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