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  1. I happened accross this tonight and thought some of you would appreciate it as it applies to the general ignorance of the public, which is the real enemy. Hysterical! http://www.dhmo.org/facts.html
  2. Also consider that energy outside the visible spectrum, UVs probably play an even bigger role in those chemical reactions. After all, they have a great deal more energy and even though our atmosphere takes care of alot of it, a fair amount still makes it through, right? BTW what particals are are UV's considered to be...if at all.
  3. Well said. In USA, only a handful of people care anymore...only a handful of think anymore. Feed them cake society indeed. Im horrified of our future... I applaud your enthusiasm but...smoking and alcoholism create huge $ for them. They have an extremely well drawn out game plan and its working. The enslaved have unwittingly become the enslavers, they dont have to worry about "heretics" anymore or any one standing up and saying "this is wrong, lets do something about it!" Our society has succesfully been brainwashed into "contentment."
  4. Thanks guy. Not a big enough issue to bother the moderators with though, huh? ON topic while Im here. My personal experince has been yes. My metabolism is high(Im a wiry 160lbs w/ high energy) and even after develping a tollerance, I became drunk pretty quick. I'd assume the quicker your body can process it, the quicker it gets to your organs etc.
  5. Listen up, I was a stoner once upon a time. They say its not chemically addictive blah, blah, but its addictive for sure at the phycological level. In my personal experience, medical and creative properties aside, it is an absolutely worthless drug. It will eat your life. If you smoke it regularly you will find yourself saying, "Jesus, I feel stupid." You will end up using it as a cure for boredom and eventually you will forget what the hell youve been doing for the last month. Life becomes a blur after chronic use...its asinine. Also think of the unsavory part of society you will have to deal with to obtain the dope. Furthermore, think of all the $ youre gonna waste on the crap. Think $25 per week~$1200/year! When you could be doing something constructive with your money. The stuff will make you fat(munchies) lazy, unmotivated, will hamper your ability to learn, and I personally believe causes depression in more way than chemically. It will also lower your mental resistance to other addictions as well. In short, do whatever it is you plan to do with your ellusive nutmeg(stifled laugh) and leave the pot for the losers. BTW i play guitar and can remember(amazingly enough) that durring the peak of cannibis high I came up with some very cool stuff. At least I thought so time. I tends to create a false reality, wherin, everthing is just awesome. In reality..not so much. Now, after that initial high, that doesnt last that long compared to the mind numbing daze that ensues, I clearly sucked at playing the guitar. But that's probaly different from person to person.
  6. BTW: Lets say through natural means our species goes through a large "thinning-out" and I happen to be amoung the dead. I accept that. The privilage of LIFE is earned, NOT given. Death is part of life.
  7. From the first thread: Originally Posted by Arthur W. Haupt Elimination of Defectives - By defectives is meant not only the feeble-minded and insane, but criminals, paupers, tramps, beggars and all persons who are a burden to prisons, asylums, almshouses and similar institutions, a great many defectives are at large, free to propagate their kind. For example, it has been estimated that there are between 300,000 and 500,000 feeble-minded persons in the United States of which perhaps only one-tenth are confined in institutions. Although these individulas are not a direct menace to society themsleves, as a class they are reprouding at a higher rate then normal persons. ...at least 60% of them [cases of feeblemindedness] are due to an inherited tendancy, and cannot be corrected... For the most part, it seems to be inherited as a simple Mendelian recessive. There is also ample evidence that many forms of insanity are recessive. The preceeding statement goes to extremes and is over generalized especially in not accounting for the fact that "normal people" go through some rough shit in their lives and as such may be in one of these "feeble-minded" states or institutions. That said, I think it hits on the "week genes being passed on" issue Im quite adamant about. Anyone who fails to recognize the fact that since the larger part of humanity has subverted the most crucial part of evolution, natural selection, and that week genes are being propegated amoung our species, is failing to see truth and reality(as brutal as it may be, thats life). People of inferior physical(health, immunity etc.) and intellectual (rational/critical thinking skills and social skills..mabey even sanity) strength, who, in the natural world would never survive long enough to reproduce ARE surviving due to both technological advances and a society that bends over backwards to ensure their survival. Surely Im not pointing the finger at anyone, after all, how could I, It just kinda turned out this way. It is human nature to act collectively for the survival of, first: the individual, then the offspring and then the species. But by god, we are in a state of obvious imballance and if we cant correct it ourselves, guess what, nature will. I believe cancer is an indication of this. Its linked to a fundamental weekness in the genes. At any rate, Im personally sick of being an intelligent, independent, self-reliant, self-sufficient individual who works for and earns all that he has, only to have a large part of that taken away from me so that the miserable people who think that life and society OWE them something and wait around for help and handouts all the time, can survive and breed when they shouldnt. Harsh as hell I know! Ive spent enough time in the real world to validate these OPINIONS for myself.
  8. Youre right. My tolerance is fairly low, for all substances. Mabey it has something to do with metabolism as well? The "best" I could do was mabey a 12 pack in 3 hours or so and Id be blowing chuncks for some time, and be horribly dehydrated the next morning. Im about 160lbs btw. I have/had friends of about the same weight who could stick it away all night, wake up, be realitively ok and then do the same thing the next night(or the same morning, if they even stopped at all!). Id think to myself, "good god, how does he function and how does his body opperate in such a dehydrated state and why is he not keenly aware of the fact?" Perhaps Im lucky. It must be much harder for others. But do you think its a chemical addiction for you still? Or is it linked in someway to the idea that you had good times when you were drunk? Gotta admit it does work quite well for lowering our social barriers. Bars are a terrible place to hang out when your not drunk, but when you are, its the greatest place on earth. Women specifically are more comfortable with themselves sexually when they are drunk where they would otherwise be unnecessarily shy. Again this is saying its a "crutch" and it "works" to an extent, but is ultimately a band-aid on a gaping wound.
  9. Hey Peon, I see you are in to anthropology so mabey you can answer me this: Have any studies been done as far as the mating practices of early, clan society humans? Did they mate for life or generally F the circle? What about abortions among early humans? Anyone?
  10. Damnit, I dont have 12 feet to back up...Anyone have a link to a good site about the chemical bonds breaking etc. translating into vision. Sunspot perhaps?
  11. StarBreaker

    Coldest life?

    Wow! I just looked up the water bears. I was unaware of these creatures and its expained that they live virtually everwhere. Awesome.
  12. Clearly the body does form a dependency for alchohol after a while and one does suffer withdraw after quiting. This goes away after a while and eventually, so does the body's dependency for it. At this point it comes down to phychological dependence. Most of us are dealing with some form of emotional pain of some kind or another, be it depression, stress, insecurity, anger, confusion, nervousness, or just plain boredom. Personally I link all of these negative emotions to social disfunction, and incompleteness in one's self, usually due to some form of self-betrayal(not listening to that little voice that tells you whats good for you, whats right). Alcohol, drugs in general, and other forms of addiction serve as a crutch for these inadequecies but they are ends in themselves. You can stop taking the drugs but as long as the hole still exists inside a person, they will always have that desperate need to fill it, and since alcohol seemed to help once upon a time, surely it will help again? I speak from direct experience, both personal and observed in friends etc. Fill the hole and the DESIRE for addiction is null. Easier said than done I know. Plus, try telling what I just said to the Docs. treating these people. "Nope thats rubbish...if youre depressed then you need drugs to get you out of it." BS. Again from personal experience. Weather they know it or not, most people are depressed for a reason(its that "voice" trying to tell you something, LISTEN!) There are exceptions where severe chemical imballance makes one predesposed to depression, especially in adolecents, but couple that with REAL person problems and you have one seriously unhappy person.
  13. StarBreaker

    Coldest life?

    Oh yeah as mentioned, life can be suspended in hibernation at extreme colds and then come back to life after warming up, but as far as getting to a point of self replication...tt. At any rate, I find it very comforting that the more we study life, the more tenacious it proves itself to be.
  14. StarBreaker

    Coldest life?

    Well fundamentally, to say something is alive is to say that it has both motion and(or thus) the ability to replicate. At absolute zero (0 K/-273 C) molecules stop...correct? Since that is where molecular interaction stops, and its at the molecular level that life replicates, I wouldnt be surprised if life finds a way up to that point? Im probably overlooking some key elements though. Point them out. Cant wait till 2015 when New Horizons makes it to Pluto/Kuiper belt! Theres gonna be some ground breaking science involved w/ that mission. Heres to Alan Stern and crew! Fantastic people. The upcoming Mars missions look promising for Astrobiolgy too. However...has anyone been paying attention to the FY2007 budget for NASA? Not looking so hot for the Astobiology arena etc. Its sad to think how many $billions are wasted on, lets say, Pro football, baskeball, baseball while folks at NASA have to sacrifice so many projects due to underfunding. Clearly this country is not interested in exploring and understanding our beautiful cosmos.....makes me angry.
  15. Yes I do tend to get carried away. Theres alot going on in this torturously overactive mind of mine and its gratifying to put it words sometimes. Damn right you should be proud to be Asian. Just like Im proud to be the white colored mut I am. Become the best YOU, you can be and be proud of it. Nothing else matters. The opinions of others are void when you are true to yourself. If you really are smarter than most people in your school, then wear it as a badge of honor. Humbleness is an illusion. But remember, there is a big difference between PRIDE, which is earned by never being satisfied with what you know and the skills you have, but at the same time recogonizing what you HAVE accomplished and ARROGANCE, which is based on ignorant self-satisfaction. We are all guilty of that from time to time. Later.
  16. Im pro-choice as long as repsonsibility and "need" are factored into that choice. Rape, and pregnancy that threaten the life of the mother accounted for. And that responsibilty begins BEFORE conception! If you dont want to have a baby don't have sex or use contraceptives...its really that simple. If someone wants to throw some statistics out there to support or disprove the following do so, but: Id bet most abortions are a result of irresponsible juvenilles/adults stuck in juvenille mindsets who totally lack in discipline or the intelligence to consider the consequences of giving into selfish desires. And Im certainly not saying that a healthy sexlife/drive isnt a wonderful thing..but thats just it. Sex in our culture(USA, and Im sure most others) is primarily a selfish act, either used as a coping mechanism, or a way of gaining status or control and the life of another should not be compromised as a result of that act. I believe this behavor is an obvious indication of our sexual disfunction as a result of coping w/ a materialistic, destracted society of insignificance. Consider this: Ideally one would mate when it is assured that the best possible environment is achieved for the offspring to assure its proper development. If that is not possible then one should not mate. (thats what sex is(supposed to be) all about after all: the next generation. Observe the other animals..they do this for the most part) Also consider this: your part of the seed is literally billions of years old and is unique. No other seed is like it(has the identical genetic makup) and it is your responsibilty as an intelligent and capable being to ensure its suvival(replication). If you fail you are essentially ending a unique form of life that is billions of years in the making. So: assexuality(except for the millions who have no business mating) is not an option. Choosing the best possible mate is of imminent importance. And selfish destruction of that life which your part of the seed spawns is utter abomination. BTW: The stage of development at which the child is aborted is irrelevant. You know damn well that as soon as the sperm and egg meet, that life has every potential to become a fully developed human. No excuses.
  17. Born again athiest...I like that! LOL. I find it amusing how we constantly pat ourselves on the back for our wonderfull acheivments but constantly fail to recognize our blaring failures as a species! Granted, the human body/brain is a magnificent piece of machinery, the most evolved on our planet which of course led to our domination of it, but it must be recognized that as such we owe a certain stewardship to the planet which birthed us and its myriad of other creatures(sentient or otherwize). (This is not about being a tree hugging, idealistic hippie. Its about the logical accnowledgment that everthing is/was in a fine ballance that we have successfully screwed up) It must also be recognized that perhaps the reason we view other creatures as "stupid" is because we fail to understand them in very crucial ways. As an earlier post stated pigs are quite intelligent. It is also being realized that certain species of birds are now being re-evaluated as possesing a pretty respectable intellect. Think of it this way: As a human its obvious that our biggest strenght is out intelligence. There is a sacrifice. How does your sense of smell, hearing, sight, and other unexplored senses compare to that of a wolf(another unfortunately misunderstood, underestimated, very intelligent creature). There is no comparison. I take my dog for a walk everyday. I experience the world with my eyes and my mind. He experiences it with is nose and ears. I have no concept of what his world must be like compared to mine. I think it must be understood that while our senses are reliable, they are incomplete. We see a small part of the whole picture and its obvious that we've (unwittingly in some cases) admited to it by our development of various instuments with which we can over come those limitations. I think its also amusing that we always say "we" when refering to our wonderful technological advances when a rediculously small pecentage of our species comes up with these brilliant ideas/inovations and the rest of us just mindlessly use it to our "benefit." Which leads to my next point. I look at my dog sometimes and think, "wow, what a pitiful rendition of the fantastic creature it once was(wolf, duh)." Dont get me wrong, I love my mut, but it relies on me completely for its survival, and is relatively stupid, where its ancestor was a tenacious and brilliant survivor with super sharp senses and social order. The dog is a de-evolved and disfuncitonal form of what it once was. I view humanity, in its current state, the same way. I believe there is a huge problem with the fact that we no longer stimulate our senses as we once did. Those survival based senses, close interaction and keen observation of our environment led to the sharpening of our intellects...and kept them sharp. Multiply that with the lack of natural selection, a culture that breeds mindlessly, and goes out of its way to ensure the survival (and thus more mindless breeding) of the weak and unintelligent, and you have a real mess on your hands. Thats what were dealing with here people. Are you still reading this...get a life loser! JK. LOL! Well that was quite a tangent. Get used to it. Thats just how I am. Im aware that durring flow of conciousness I tend to have an accusatory style but be aware that I include myself in those accusations. Certainly not trying to attack anyone...youll know if I do. Im as much a part of this as everyone else...only I desperately want to do something about it. I love what the human species once was and what it has the capability of becoming...but something major has to change!
  18. Oh yeah, my biggest weakiness is math, so look forward to me asking infantile questions concerning it as I hit the books this summer..if not sooner. Im not a raw data guy...more of the spacial minded type. Thanks in adavance.
  19. Hey im freakin "StarBreaker" which is a killer song by the way. I have a deep appreciation for intellectuals but am baffled as to why they tend to be such "geeks." Why can't one have a razor sharp intellect AND maintain physical prowess AND wield normal, even inspiring, social behavior AND use said attributes for the betterment of not only mankind but his environment (including his fellow creatures of all kinds...including ultimately anti-life Liberals...I guess) through embracing and helping to evolve the sciences and destroying ignorant, irresposible dogma(religion). That, I have recently discovered, is the purpose of my life. I will become a kick-ass Astrobiologist, or at least a biologist, and not a damn thing is gonna stop me! unless I die..LOL
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