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  1. For me the thought of aliens visiting the earth could very much be in forms we least suspect, a spec of dust, a seed, even a fish LOL.. I can remember reading recently-ish about a new species of fish discovered on the ocean bed.. which got me thinking about how we generalise about how aliens would visit the earth, traditional/popular thought is via a space ship, but what if they could visit the earth from the inside out? a new flower/plant? or something so small that we would need to walk around with hubble telescope spectacles on to see them? I recently enjoyed reading the thread about how the earthquake in chile has/may have taken 1.26 microseconds of our day, and with that in mind, it would not be beyond the realms to have alien lifeforms that are smaller than our smallest particles. one thing that is a very popular belief within my social circles is the way technology has come on in leaps and bounds since WWII, technological know-how handed to us on a plate from aliens?
  2. Hi, I am enjoying this site immensely although very much a layman (am bigging myself up there LOL) I read Sh3rlocks post about global cooling, and forgive my naievety (sic) but I first took the comment as maybe a good thing about the ash cloud, as it forced a condition where planes could not fly and add to the pollution of our atmosphere, but now I am thinking on different levels, would some global cooling be a welcome thing? is the volcanic ash less harmfull than the thousands of planes that would have flown had it not happened? I also thought about this event as something that could very well happen annually for a very long time, if so will it be a positive thing for those who want climate change? Thank you for reading my rookie thoughts, but this forum is helping me to think out of the box and consider things in a completely new way, I am really enjoying myself here, maybe i should get out more? LOL.
  3. Thank you stringjunky I don't as yet understand the diagram, but thatss why I am here, to learn. I think I have gone from newspapers to trees now:D some trees are taller than others and think that without light non of them would grow, so each tree has different needs for life to survive, from a daisy to a mighty oak, if we take the "popular" google answer of a bright sunny day being 10,000 lumens (which is probably very debateable) as a base.. then a daisy on the ground is pretty happy with the 10,000 lumens it recieves, so would a tree, say 15ft tall survive on the same intensity of light or has it increased, if so how do we calculate that increase, is there some law that can explain this? Also if for instance aeroplanes had some sort of greenhouse on them.. would the daisy survive the light intensity at 35,000 ft? or would it be considerable more than what it is genetically programmed to do, (in my garden the biggest daisy is just under 2 inches (have not switched to metric yet, its an age thing ) The more and more I think of the sun as a giver of life, the more and more I am getting curious about it. Although science fiction, there was a star trek film where they had this amazing forest onboard another star ship, the "genesis" project it was called in the film, maybe one day all this will be possible and already thinking about a place in cornwall the eden project? who i think use artificial light to mimmick the sun. thank you once again for the reply, it is very much appreciated.
  4. Quote toastywombel "The reason is, if a reader is curious about the La Brea Tar Pits, they might google search it, come to here, and see your post. Because of the confusion they might think you are saying that the La Brea Tar Pit is leaking 200,000 gallons a day, which it is most certainly not." end quote: I have enjoyed quite a few articles on this forum since joining today, and that comment sums up what being here means to me, although I am new to science and this forum, I like to feel that science is all about truth, and deals only with facts, not hearsay or hysteria and pure disinformation for whatever goal/means. nice one.
  5. First of all I would just like to say thank you to those reading this and those who help me understand more, please bear with me whilst I tell you about my day My Wife and I was lying on the lawn enjoying the days sunshine, during that time I got up, placed the news paper on top of the wall (4ft) then returned to where we were lying and said to my wife that the newspaper was getting more sunshine than us as it was nearer to the sun, she laughed, I laughed, then it got me thinking more in depth as I looked at the different height of the surrounding trees and shrubs and started thinking some more:D I have googled LOL and the popular answer is that on a sunny day there is 10,000 lumens, would that be at ground level? and if so would my newspaper on the wall be receiving more lumens? or would it be the same? think i can put my hand on my heart and say it would not be less LOL. Once again thanks again for staying with this
  6. Hello All. I hope to learn so much here, have so many questions about so many things and google could supply them, but i want to learn how to understand how to get to the science if that makes sense? Thanks regards M Catt
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