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  1. OReilly certainly isn't "fair and balanced". It falls on us to decide what is The billionaire who run the Corporate Media can't be trusted not to have ulterior motives. Nor can we trust "leaders" like Bush to look out for our interests. The fairness doctrine is receding in public awareness, for better or worse, it's unlikely to be revived in the next decade. In that decade plus, we have a unique opportunity to become the media. We can communicate around the world to a degree never before possible, and access to information that was previously hard or impossible to access before. Additionally, most of us won't have anything to gain monetarily by lying. There will be mistakes; and a learning curve - when has anything new and useful not had them, but we have the opportunity to create a check on a information that has been controlled largely by the rich and powerful.
  2. I'm one of the people in my city researching renewable energy ideas, and it seems as if the length of power lines is less of a factor in planning electrical systems is less of a factor than in years past including sites about a global power grid. Corporations, of course, do have ulterior motives to claim success for technologies that don't work or are speculative on their sites, cost, level of development etc.?
  3. It's going to be a tent city for now. The city intent on building a sane response to a Federal Court of Appeals ruling that says that eigther cities have to provide enough beds for the homeless or something similiar, or they can not prohibit sleeping. I was part of the team trying to get Eureka's law thrown out, and even then, we all knew this opened a real can of worms. Now that I have the city council's rescources on the same path, if I need help here in a few months about cost reduction (labor, land infrastructure, materials (small amounts may be cheap, but is an entire house full that cheap?), I'll be able to ask more specific questions.
  4. The bad news of the city I live in is the price of housing is going through the roof. The good news is the city council seems to be interested in finding ways to rectify this I've seen information on several possibilities, here's what I know, I'd like some reliable info on these and other possiblities, I'll turn over the infor to the city council as I recieve it. Cord wood - good possiblity except here in redwood country, wood is profitable for other purposes Hay - Climate is too wet for it, decays when exposed to moisture Cobb (Earth) - Too unsafe in quakes??????? Too labor intensive? PaperCrete (Recycled Paper) - Water won't harm it, unknown otherwise Any good info? Links?
  5. Hmmnn, that normally is the way things work. The force that is required to push electrons together is over conventional distances the inverse square, the Casmir effect is inverse fourth power. Is the force to push it together at small distances inverse squared or fourth??? One other possiblity is that negative mass could be used to "launch" something, first out of earth's gravity well, then the sun's, then the Milky Way's. Does the energy of creating this "launch vehicle" always exceed the energy to launch something with it?
  6. Here's a little video on how we've become aclimatised to buying drugs as easy solutions. It's amusing only as far as there's a ring of truth to it.
  7. With studies involving only people, you can't be sure whether it's the pot causing them to use harder drugs, or the rebelion from norms that drove them to pot will drive them to other drugs or peer pressure. I suspect that teaching people how dangerous hard drugs are (Meth Heroin, and coke). I was never tempted, because my 6th grade teacher read a poem called "King Heroin", which is about Herion becoming someone's God. Not for me, no, no no at age 12, and no,no,no when I reach 70. I was never tempted to smoke, because I'd constantly hear my mom always complaining she couldn't quit. The bigger threat as far as drug addicted kids is concernered is the number of 2 wage earners. Most mothers don't have enough time to warn kids about the media, or drug dealers.
  8. I would bet against it...... Even if it did work, wouldn't relatistic forces rip it open?
  9. I know now, what I knew before wasting 20 minutes watching this drivel; fundimentalists are stupid.
  10. While a "special day" scenario is astrological mumbo-jumbo, don't discount the power of positive thought, ever hear of the "placebo effect"?
  11. That's a tiny percentage of O2 decrease, the dangers of global warming are obvious, but I can't imagine the changes in O2 would be nearly as important.
  12. I used to live on Long Island too 30 years ago, I didn't hear anything about NIMBYism then, but, maybe with "the electronics revolution", everybody has gotten mre and more into things and less into people. I don't have any stats to prove it, but alot of older people I've talked to think so. Teddy Kennedy helped kill wind off Martha's Vineyard, this is getting to be an upsetting trend. Maybe the increase in solar panels (at least there are more where I live, will create more awareness. Transitions can often be awkward. Conservation is cheaper then consumpution, in the short term, NIMBYism will reign supreme, so conservation will be even more important. I guess it's too much to ask for a large federal tax break to give communities incentive. Blackouts or price hikes might chance our conciousness.
  13. It is tough to define. If we buldoze even a desert to create nice houses, we may be inceasing the ascetic value, but decreasing biodiversity. I think most of us are interested in ecological damage in the sense that as we use up resources faster than we renew then, earth's biomass (and carrying capacity) drops. That seems to be the most important interest. If eutriphication increases the planet's biomass and carrying capicity, it's good from an ecological standpoint, in fact, in time "intellegent eutriphication" might be considered good public policy, and genetically engineering organisms for carbon sequestration might be considered the most legitimate reason for creating GMOs.
  14. http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL0309/S00187.htm Besides all of the "entirely baseless" claims against Katherine Harris, including drunk driving checkpoints in poor neighborhoods, massive voter purges of anyone whose name sounded black was the NEGATIVE 16022 Al Gore got in Valousa County, FL.
  15. There is at least one difference between politics and science. The Laws of Nature aren't capricious (at least I hope not) Gravity has nothing to gain by making things fall up. Politicans generals do, and can fudge the numbers. Thomas Jefferson said the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. I've recieved some censure for saying some things were fudged: inflation, facts on 9/11 (although I doubt many of you believe that Bush didn't lie about Iraqi WMDs),previous election results. Despite what you may think, it's not true that I never saw a conspiracy I didn't like: I THOUGHT this election would be stolen, but based on the little time I've had to look, there is not enough evidence, I'll leave that to http://www.blackboxvoting.org to sort it out, maybe we'll talk in a couple of months. I hope that you'll look at everything from a skeptical viewpoint, including what the President does, to be elected President, you have to be born in this country, and be 35 years old, that includes a wide swath of people, probably including Martin Luthur King and Charlie Manson. When you are you are you sorround yourself with like minded people, especially if you're a sociopath. Recently, several powerful people have been shown to be exactly the opposite of who they've claimed to be: Mark Foley, Ted Haggard, head of 30,000,000 member antigay evangelical church was outted by his gay prostitute and meth supplier, Rush and his oxycontins, and in the fifties, Ray Cohn, assistant to Demagauge Joseph McCarthy, turned out to be a flaming gay, but these people are just a pale imitation of a true expert on lies: Adolph Hitler http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Lie He wrote this in 1925, of people from his past, and it helped him become the most powerful person in the world. I, myself, became aware of this possibility only 3 1/2 years ago, so I'm not perfect act seperating wheat from chaff. All I'm saying is always consider the possibly that someone is telling you a real whopper.
  16. We get drugs pushed on us from every direction, but the first question to be asked is your question political/philosophical or is it personal? If it's personal, do the simple stuff first, we forget the importance of biology, eat right, spend time with people who are decent, get some sun and nature, then consider medicine. Drugs don't always do what they're expected to do, Viagra was introduced as a heart medication, LSD was developed to stop migranes.
  17. In 2003, the Chief executive of Diebold in Ohio told Republicans in a recent fund-raising letter that he is "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year." http://www.commondreams.org/headlines03/0828-08.htm That would tend to back up the Rolling Stones article. I don't know if there was fraud in 2006, but given the past, we should look carefully.
  18. Slipstream windmills http://www.scienceforums.net/showthread.php?t=18221 Three mile up, where the wind is faster and air is still at 57% of sea level density
  19. I was refering to how most people in those forums tend to use the word: http://tcpc.ipbhost.com/, and when a large majority do it that way, that basically is how the forum is structured {unless you have very severe moderators}.
  20. Paranioa, I was just trying to say that if we voted on all 100 Senators, the Senate would be far from center. Removing him today would be a disaster. Congress won't be doing anything as egregious as it did the last few months, ending habeous corpus, removing the need for FISA warrants, recinding the Geneva Convention etc. consenting to another Alito nomination etc. I hope that the neocons are disabled from using some of the powers they go recently.
  21. Theology - I don't like the connotations, theology to many Christians I know is trying to make The Bible scientific, ending up trying to figure out how many angels will fit on the head of a pin. Make sure that you have a dedicated forums for creationism vs. evolution, not because creationism deserves it, but so you have a creationism ghetto. Check out other religious forums, to see what could be improved, I used to post in tcpc.org , but found it too theological for me, so you can learn by previous mistakes. Don't expect perfection internet forums are in their infancy, we're all learning. It took almost 300 years for the Printing Press to reach the point where it could incite a political revolution - Tom Paine's Common Sense, it may be a century before all the great ideas we have now reach their apex.
  22. I don't like him and his prowar and pro-pharmacetical ideology, but I think he'll respond to pressure to get out of Iraq. The Senate went +6 Democrats, with only 1/3 up for elections at that rate, if all of them were up for relection, about 18 would change hands, and the Senate would be 63-37 Democrat, even though the membership of the Senate gives disproportionate representation to the more rural, conservative population. A straight party vote could almost remove Bush from office, is that a moderate mandate?
  23. It's important to be vigilant, especially when changing 100,000 votes is as easy as altering the voltage of a single transistor in a touch screen system. N There certainly was enough debate about the fairness of the 2000 election(esp Florida), as well as the When I counted 18-4-3, I thought looked every suspicious. Now, much less so. There have been recent alegations of election theft, RFK Jr. claimed the Presidential election was stolen, and a Nebraska Senator won 84% of the vote with machines from a company he owned. Stealing elections is not new to the computer age, but it's easier. Fortunately, the net has made it easier to discuss the mathematics of fraud, and as we enter the age of open sourcing, we should volunteer as open source volunteers for elections audits.
  24. The 2 independants are Lieberman and Sanders, who's almost a Green. Lieberman is the swing vote, which makes it about as close to a tie as you can get.
  25. Um, moderate mandate? There were 33 Senate seats up for vote, roughly 18 were Republicans, 5 or 6 have switched to Democrats. American states are polarised, urban/rural, BibleBelt/secular. After being flipped off at antiwar rallies, I can say that war polarises the population further. I can understand why someone wouldn't want to withdraw, especially if they thought it aided AlQueda, or if they didn't want the previous deaths of troops to be in vain. This is also a big shift especially considering how many one issue voters there are on the right. About 15 seats were needed to shift the house, and it's been conclusively shifted, despite gerrymandering so maybe 25 seats have shifted of the 230 the Republicans had. This is not a small change. Nancy Pelosi wants investigations. There are bound to be nasty things coming up around the 1 1/2 hours it took NORAD to respond on 9/11 or response to Katrina, or why we're having so much trouble in Iraq, weakened by 12 years of sanctions. While what has gone on over 6 years is known, when we find out why, there's likely to be more damage.
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