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  1. I am a Christian. I became born again in 1997. Before I became a Christian, I wanted to become a Scientist. Some how 'things' became clear to me. Scientific things! It was like my mind was tuned into this Radio Station that broadcast solutions to Scientific problems. The thing is I do not have colleg or University level Education. I am not a Matematician. I can solve problems. The last problem I solved was 'How a bike works.' The problem is, it is hard to convince anyone of my talent. What should I do?
  2. Hi! The only way I can proof is by taking a photo using this theory. But if you have the tech know how, I am willing to form a partnership with you. I reveal the theory and you do the testing. The camera, video and telescopes and so on are secondary devices because we already have our eyes as the primary tool. more later...
  3. Hi! Thanks for replying. What I have is a new way to take photo. I need to test if this method works. So I need a camera to capture a image using this new method. But the camera must not have lense or anything else. I need a device to capture a image. Not a camera. Can you understand what I am getting at?
  4. I have this theory on how we can immitate our eyes' to make a 3-D camera. The problem is I have no knowledge on films. I need a method to test out my theory. I need a capturing device. Can any one help me with instant films? I need to know how this film works and is there a way to use this film without the camera or do I need the camera to develop the film?
  5. Take photography for an example. We claim to have an understanding how our eyes' works. We use this to build many optical devices but we still watching movies in 2D. Why? Because we are satisfied with what we have so far. We have 3D technology but we need further tools to view them. The problem here is, we are using lenses to take pictures when we already have a pain in our eyes. What I trying to explain here is, burning carbon in a lump (grinded form) is not same as C + O2 reacting.
  6. Dear friends, This is how science works. We ask questions. If we accept everything as fact, we will be stuck with wrongs and incomplete solutions. Take medicine for an example. Some medicines can cure a disease but they have many side-effects. This means that the medicine is NOT the right cure as it is NOT targeting or solving the right problem. Back to our discussion, I am sure that this method can work. One day I will proof that. And if I fail, someone else will one day succeed. I ask again the question. I know how they calculated calories and energy emited by some reaction in the lab. First they use a certain quantity of the substance and the using calculations they find the valu for a single atom of molecule. This method does NOT proof that the energy comes from the reaction between C and O2. We only assume that they do. If some one in China were to do this experiment, he to will get the same result cause, he will make the same assumption. This only proofs that we are making an universal or global error.
  7. Let's say I have an hotmail email account. How many ways are there some one can send me a message to my inbox? (form etc)
  8. When we burn coal or wood, once the fire is started, it continues burning. Is there proof to where the energy comes from? If we use charcoal in grinded form (assuming that now we have pure carbon atoms), isn't the energy needed to start the combustion process and the energy produced when Carbon combines with Oxygen to produce Carbon Dioxide is very small and insignificant? How will it fuel the fire? The fire coming from burning charcoal may be coming from other sources such as the breaking up of bonds between carbons for an example?.
  9. Hi! Does anyone know how much energy it takes for this reaction to take place and how much enery it gives out when the process has started? c + 02 --> co2 theorein
  10. I had this idea on how we can use charcoal (grinded into fine powder) to fight fire. The Carbon will react with Oxygen from the Atmosphere to produce Carbon dioxide which will further put down the fire. Will this work? theorein
  11. [E-stamp secures e-mail delivery]
  12. Dear friends, Thank you for your questions. I already asked this question to myself. And I have an answer. If I post all this in this forum, my idea will loose its commercial value. Let us form a team and make this project a reality. I want a person who can manage the team and take control of the works of forming the team. Anyone interested? Also please post all your doubts and questions regarding this idea. Thank you. theorein
  13. Do you know what the difference between a missile and an aeroplane is? The WINGS! We are taking rides on Missiles. When a missile looses its forward trust, it will fall straight downward. But when an aeroplane looses its trust, it will glide downward and crash few kilometres away. That is the difference between an aeroplane and a missile made by the wings. And when it comes to space travel, we truly ride on a missile. theorein
  14. When I see a robot walking like a human being, I don't know how to react. Why would you spend millions of dollars building a robot that walks like a human when this is NOT the best method of mobility? Why build or create AI like a human when we know that humans have a lot of shortcomings? We will never accomplish anything when we try to imitate something that is imperfect. We have supercomputers that can do immense calculations in seconds. But this is not AI. To be able to create AI we must first come to a conclusion about what is truly Intelligence. Take for an instance our PC. Even though it is a sophisticated machine, capable of doing multi-tasks actually it is a dumb machine. It was designed that way. Let your 2 year old unattended for 2 minutes with your PC and see what happens. The PC was made for someone who is well behaved. The operating system itself needs lots of maintenance. Now a day making spear parts itself is a multi-million dollar industry. We build things that fail. We have no idea what intelligent is. How can we create something we can’t define? theorein
  15. I arrived to this solutions using Socratic Method. I asked questions. And when continue doing this, a strange thing happens. It's like you open a tap and the water come running out. Your mind get tapped into a resovoir. You begin to ask all the right question and the solution is simple. This is how I solve problems. I need some technical details or answers to certain qustions on email systems to prepare a paper on this idea for you. How do you want me to send this to you? theorein
  16. I have a idea on how we can provide a service to combat SPAM. But I have no technical or financial capacity. How do I sell this idea? Are there any buyers?
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