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  1. Thank you for your help...but these are too difficult for me to use and modify..! Luckily another member of my team has succeded with another way..! I will finish it with another way myself since I started it...I wil suceed. I do not know If i am allowed to post it here after...if not,if anyone will want help with a similar matter you can write me...
  2. No I don't want someone to do my homework..! I am working with it..!I am just not so good at using C and I would like some help.(if it was in python I would have achieved it...) I have problems in facing this: *When I hit a target I want to alter this table-text but in the same time save the coordinates that I hit(so if next time I try to hit the same target,a message would appear telling me to change the cooridnates)...there are many checks I have to do..and when I try one another one pops up...it is like endless.Since I am not very familiar with C knowledge I cannot overpass this problem by using some commands few know. If you can show me an example in C commands,I might be able to modify it and use it... Even If I find solution in this I have many things I have to do...and time runs out...if you have any questions about the project I gave you written please ask me...I have still 2 more days to end this... Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedI forgot to say...: *I propably should have created to texts... -One for the shots I am taking. -and one for the shots I am firing... Navy.txt is for the shots I am taking it...
  3. It is the first time I try to participate in a forum cause I am in great need...! I have to deliver an exercise till Tuesday and I don't think I am going to make it...so I need your help. We have been given a task to create the game "Battleship" using DevC++,without creating or downloading any great libraries. (The game will be played in one computer for each team but vs players that run the same programm in their own computer). This is how it should be: *The programma should read a notepad(where there should be the ships that we use in form of a table with 10 columns and 10 lines-->file "Navy"). *Then it should ask the developer if he is taking the shot or firing. -If he takes the shot then he should alter this table-notepad.If the enemy suceeds the shots must continue with the same way,if not it would be our turn to shoot. -If we are shooting we should save the shooting co-ordinates somehow so if we suceed we will avoid hitting the same target again. *The game ends if all ships are destroyed. (Forgive my English,I need your help) I will try to add here what my team and I have created... Navy.txt written.txt
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