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  1. Stop splitting hairs Insane, you knew what I meant Dark energy has an affect on all things including inanimate objects such as a coffee table windows
  2. I have more knowledge of energy in my lttle finger Klaynos than you will ever have and when the time comes you will earn what i know from a book, so as you see I will always know more about energy than you The enregy I speak of is Dark Energy which if you like is well documented Dark Energy is both positively and negativley charged but never both at the same time It was through my work into dark energy that led me to this site in the first place Again the face of serendipity shows herself
  3. Are there any real Scientists here who work with DNA?? and can get to look at it under a microscope in a laboratory?? If so please speak up as I have an experiment for you which will shut this lot up once and for all
  4. I discredit myself, I think you all discredit yourselves as scientist by reacting to me the way you have, good job I have broad shoulders lol in the metaphoric sense of course Your going to come a croper with that attitude YT lol, you can take the dog out of the fight but you cant take the fight out of the dog Yes I have heard of David Ike and what a load of sh*te he comes out with I ask you Lizard people?? I think what he means is these people are cold blooded given the way they regard the masses, with utter contempt Your really think I am crazy now because I think he is working on behalf of the Elite, again another person throwing the masses off the scent and leading them away from the real secrets Its alright if you call me crazy I find it somewhat amusing, I am probably the most eccentirc person I know anyway, However you cant know what I know without walking the floorboards of crazy now and again I just take offence when accussed of drug taking OK Insane have it your way we will include your model but this will only be a viable experiment if you can recall which parts were applied on which days so if you can do that we can use your model in the experiment What kind of scientist are you any way, I offer you a very simple experiment and you cant just do it, why is that?? Are you scared of me being right?? Because that would make you wrong??
  5. Well see Insane how can you use the findings of your model building which you done prior to this experiment If you want to do the experiment using your model you will have to know which pieces you glued on which days, as during the last week energy has changed on anumber of accasions, also your watching will be longer the experiment I suggested involves paper you are no doubt using materials different from that and depending on the materials and glue will determine how long you watch for If you want to do the experiment feel free b ut if not dont bother giving me the results of projects that are not related Im horrified at you YT fancy saying I am drugs just because you dont get me very unproffessional I am sick to the stomach with that comment Why are you trying to discredit me YT?? Do I get under your skin, are your guts reacting to me?? pray tell me what on earth is going on in your mind to go around accusing people of taking drugs, do I not sit well with you and your beliefs??
  6. YT I dint think for a second that you are stupid?? However you are very much mistaken if you think the differences between men and women are trivial You can tell a man said that lol Women know that men and women are so different it's not funny, dont firget women carry out the biggest experiment of all when they raise boys and girls, i myslef have a son and a daughter and a grandson and grand daughter and I can tell you boys are grils are practically from different planets Fair dincome our bodies are pretty much the same, bar a few bits turned inside out But that is where the similarities end females are much more adapt than men in all areas, I feel sorry for males in this day and age their soul purpose of instinct is to hunt and that has been taken away from them, whereas women are nurturers and regardless of where we go with the civilised society experiment their roles never change and can not be stammped out
  7. Hi Insane now you see you cant possibly have finished the experiment you have to watch for days, nature can not be rushed, just wait and see, and obviously you havent completed the second part of the experiment as wed/thurs havent arrived yet That wasnt very good scientific work on your part there Insane Let me know your findings when you complete the experiment So come on take the experiment seriously Alpha and Omega are the names I like to use to describe positive and negatvie energy And as it has been used in the bible for 2 thousand years to descibe the energies of the universe I though why break with tradition Specific Instructions for those who wish to enter into this experiment today or tomorrow 1. get 2 small pieces of paper and glue them together (write the date on the peice of paper) leave somewhere where you can observe it daily Wednesday or thursday see above Over the coming weeks you will see how they have bonded completely differently
  8. YT it is not my intention to try and discredit you, so you are a Wiccan aye very interesting Alpha Energy = God Omega Energy = Godess So you should know better than anybody about the energies of the universe, your reaction to my post really goes against your basic beleif of the god's and godesses??? Very Strange!!!
  9. Stop trying to discredit me YT in my last posting re circumcision my point was that when circumcision takes palce in infants at 8 days old their soul is disconnected from their soul and inhibits free thinking and stops the individual from rising up against their leading factions I also added that undue mental conflict is inflicted on the child and leads to mental health issues in later life, hence why I dont deal with those of the curcumcision, I could put in a few verses from the Bible but as this is not a religious forum I wont Not that we dont all have mental health issues to some varying degree, who could not living in this so called 'civilised world' But you got to name it to claim it and if the person who is circumcised cant see how that procedure has affected them then they will never receive treatment (or self help) for child hood trauma and unfotunately will never reach wholeness (just clarifying my point as of course YT not everyone will have read my thoughts on this topic) The Elite are only the Elite because of what is passed down to them in the form of secrets not because they have super intelligence, they also know that people who are circumcised are easier to use mind control over Isnt it funny how Einstein himself spoke of the Akashik register and how it was here that he gained a lot of his insight, maybe a few more Scientists need to begin looking outside of their tiny little boxes (minds) for more of the answer Thank you for your post hotcommodity Not a specific time but when the time is right for me I will come forward with who I am and what I do, obviously I am dying to tell you who I am, but then I am as selfish as the elite right now because if I make my findings public my paying customers wont need me anymore because they will be able to work the system out for themselves When I have made my money I will tell all I could do a few little experiments with you on line though if anybody is interested Very simple wont involve anything other a finger nail, if you can spare one finger nail over the period of 6 weeks and this will take approx half an hour of time in total. I will demonstrate to anyone who is willing how alpha and omega energy are continously working through your body If anybody is up for this then PM me I can also tell you that energy is negatively charged today and tommorrow and as such your skin is not absorbent so it will not absorb products such as moisturising treatments, it will just sit on the surface of the skin and not feel very nice and can cause rashes and itching However when energy returns to being positively charged on wednesday and thursday your skin will absorb the moisturising products as skin becomes absorbent when energy is positively charged Dont take my word for it tho try it out go and find some moisturiser and slap it on I'm just showing off now but if you were to hang wall paper or use glue today it will lift off the walls in next to no time, when you hang wall paper and use glues during time periods when energy is positively charged no lifting occurs and glue remains bonded But again dont take my word for it, if you have any glue to hand (or prit stick) glue 2 pieces of paper together today and just watch and observe Glue 2 peices of paper (use the same type of paper as you use today/tomoz) and just watch and observe The paper that is glued today/tomoz will not bond as well as the paper and glue used on wed/thurs I expect everyone who reads this post to do the glue experiment, afterall you are scientists
  10. No YT the elite are not the '144000' if that was the case we would all be a part of the elite group, I am not part of any religious group I prefer my one to one contact with energies of the universe I can assure you klaymos there is nothing random about my thoughts I have scientifically proven my findings - it is this very energy that drives forward DNA on its' evoloutionary path I'm just not ready to go public yet to the Scientific community, although what I do is already available to the masses via my company I like to play mind games with them that think they know when really all they know is what they have either read or been told by someone higher up the ladder than themselves In a way those who reply with accusations are playing right into my hands as when the time comes my footprint will be able to be traced to here and then it will be a case of she who laughs last laughs loudest And for those 'scientists' who mock me now are going to look so dumb lol
  11. Thank you YT you answered my questions in a delightful manner, just as I expect from a Scientist such as yourself Hi Phi for me the Elite are: Royal Families Religious Leaders Government leaders People from Old Money Banking Families I think we can safetly say the existence of these people is very much evident As far as moving this to the Theology Forum (I was aware of the move) I may be using the Bible as a reference point but not in a 'religious' manner I am prying into the Science behind the success of the elite and as I beleive they use the bible to do this then it is important to my subject matter This is not where I originally posted this thread, it has been moved to this forum Again I would love to hear from anybody with their own thoughts on this subject matter, also I would love to discuss this matter with someone who 'gets' me and can feel where I am coming from
  12. The energy i speak of is well documented in Revelations It is the pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the mouth of god (remember god is Alpha and Omega Energy) and of the lamb (you and I) Either side of the river was the tree of life which bares 12 manner of fruits and yeilds her fruit every month Also if you knew about 'The Secret' which has been everywhere lately I think they demonstrated quite well how energy leaves the human body, they just didnt show it going in Which gets me back to the point that I am sick and tired of them (the elite)only sharing minscule bits of information, it's kind of like taking the proverbial out of the Joe Public I can see them now in their secret little meetings laughing their socks off at the sight of the masses chasing their tails whilst they are living in unexplainable luxury I like to think my theories are not only independent but also unique so I dont expect people to agree with me but if you disagree with me please offer up what you beleive the Elites real secret is and how you think they hold on to power and wealth as they do and have done for over 4000 years Mokele I did read you original posts it was interesting for me to see your reply
  13. Pray tell me YT2095 why my thread isnt worthy in speculations I speculate that the elite use the bible as a manual to use the energy from the tree of life to gain and maintain control of the money and the masses I think it was really good, shows that I have independent thought, also it is a fresh view I havent heard tell of the tree of life mentioned in relation to the elite and the secrets they hoard Tell me YT what do you know that hasnt been spoonfed to you? What mysteries are you attempting to unearth in this life? Or like the masses are you quite happy to be led by the elite? What I was hoping for in relation to responses to my post was to see who else is thinking outside the 'box' who has there own independant thought on this subject matter
  14. Last week a friend of mine sent me a link to 'the secret' secret seminar, I think it was on youtube I took what seemed like hours to watch it and I found it to be the same old same old I was a big fan of Oprahs change your life tv back in the late 90's and bought a shedful of self help books which turned out to be basically saying the same as each other just worded differently I was extremely disappointed to hear that 'the secret' was simply put the law of attraction However, the law of attraction can only get you so far, what you need to make the elite group however is the real secret This is what I beleive to be 'THE REAL SECRET' or should I say 'BODY OF SECRETS' 1. Alpha energy is Masculine and Negatively charged 2. Omega energy is Feminine and Positively charged The elite have in their possesion an instruction manual that allows them to work with the divine energy of alpha and omega to their advantage, it is called the Holy Bible Of course this manual is available to all but understandable to only a small number of people, the knowledge required to understand the bible has been passed down through the ages to and by the leaders of the elite, if you dont have the knowledge required to understand the Bible it can appear quite intense nonsense The Elite also have access to the tree of life - which is a body of divine energy which is ever present in the universe and available for everybody to use and access, but obviously only if you know how They also know that the tree of life grows out of each and every human and they know when energy is positively or negatviely charged for example: bad news such as government minister has affair is released to the press and aired on tv during time periods when energy is negatively charged, public barely raised their heads to this news and it is quickly brushed aside, unless of course the intention is to discredit the minister at which time the bad news is releasede during time periods when energy is positivley charged, the public hear loud and clear and dont forget Using this divine body of works they know what you are going to be feeling thousands of years before you even exist But the Elite cant tell you that because they are sworn to secrecy, not that they would want to share it anyway, people are greedy Also if they share the real secret they will have to give their wealth back to the people who they conned it off - the masses What on earth would the elite do if the masses did learn their secrets and turned on them, lol I think you will find that the Elite are out numbered at probably 1 of them to 96 of the masses The Elite use the Bible and the Holy Divine Energy to enhance their lives and to gain and maintain their stronghold on 96% of the worlds wealth and they use this very same book to keep the masses confused The Elite understand the dynamics of God Revelations tells us what God is 1.8 I am Alpha and Omega the begining and the ending said the lord which is, which was and which is to come St Luke 17.19 Behold the Kingdom of God is within you They instruct the masses to worship a god that is only to be found in some far off distant heaven and contactable only through holy people (preists etc) whilst they are communing direct with the big man tapping directly into alpha and omega, and we can all see where that gets them I dont normally talk about this topic on line but I get so annoyed when I see members of the elite (who think they are the elite) proclaiming to be telling you their secret when really they are just trying to passify the masses and make them look in the wrong field for enlightenment - because they know that the times are changing and people are begining to question reality more, as far as I can see they are trying to put people off their scent And remember this when the secret comes out (sometime between now and the next venus transit June 2012) you heard it from me first Lady H
  15. Just thought I would re introduce myself to this forum as i have not been able to gain access for a few months I look forward to some juicy discussions
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