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  1. OK smarty pants, look at it this way, salt is a spice. It absorbs liquids. Inside the liquids lie the diseases. The body makes more clean blood then to the amount of the blood capacity, so drink lots of liquids.
  2. Ok daddio, do bees ever get diseases? Do botanists or the people that work with flowers get sick? Take a look at a restaurant. Take a poll. See how often people that work with spices in the kitchen get sick? Very few, and that is because they work with meats that carry rotting smells as soon as the blood stops circulating. So, you can reason this out as being that burning cells burns diseases too. The cells grow back, so you will feel sick for a while. And? Do you agree? I would like you to. You have a lot fo influence being such a prolific poster! Poster... erm... yeah!
  3. How about a sexual favour to get in?
  4. You should send him references from the people that gradede your project. If you were to impress them with the references, being that you 'free styled' the project, then you would be in good stead with the boss as they will vouch for you. Or, you could contact them yourself. If you took a trip down to the office then you could nose in on everyone else's role there and make it clear that you are compatible with the business.
  5. You can make a lab in your home by taking shot glasses or very small glases that nobody drinks out of for containers. To get all the ingredients, well, experiment with the spices, oils and left over foods that lie around. They all react, imagine the medicines you could make with spices? Spices make the best medicine because they burn things like cells. If you were to experiment with a blood sample and take some tupperware containers - not as good but good enough - you could treat the infected blood, that nobody has anything better to do with, and add things to it. If you were to go to class and experiment there, you would be able to see if things work or not, and how adding spices from your kitchen affects the diseases. Chicken soup for a cold? Think harder... um...
  6. Oil spills can be cleaned up by taking a sieve through the waters where the oils are and then collecting the oil rather quickly. Or, we could produce acids en masse and throw that into the water. Or, we could wait for the oil to go to the bottom of the oceans. Won't take long. Or we could start a chemical fire in those areas and watch it eveporate!
  7. Yes the earth will 'die' when the sun sux us in - burns out. We are on our way in already, slowly though.
  8. Well, if they use up all the wood in a camp fire they will not be able to burn it again will they? If you were to reuse nuclear waste, wait... what makes it nucleur waste? If you could use it again it wouldn't be waste, yes?
  9. Charlatan

    Making gel

    You can make gel for shoes and bicycle seat covers by taking a trip to the garage. If you were to use some glue and mix it with petroleum you would have a great solution when the petrol and glue settle down. Simply apply it to your shoe or whatever. Oh yes!
  10. The chemicals are being dissolved by the cholrine in the test tubes, but, they are not becoming gasses, becuase theyare remaining liquids. The cholrine turns them into purer substnances, and makes them change colour to become more like a colourless liquid because they dissolve the pigment too. What you will have left is acid who's strength depends on the amount of chlorine in it; acids and akalines.
  11. There is no magnet. Magnets would be metals charged with electrons, but, lo! Here unto is is delivered no charges. Yes yes!
  12. Both computers slow down. It is called communication. There is a server and a networking point. The server cannt process information not on it, it does not guess, it relays stuff around. You both are like held up like.
  13. Charlatan

    Maths work

    I don't understand. You understand. "Come let us reason together." Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged Yeah!
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