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  1. Is there some way I could test this "algae" my self, to find out what it really is?
  2. rigadin, I think since you are launching a ping pong ball you want the catapult to have a long smooth throw rather than a short fast one. From my experience when you hit a ping pong ball hard it tends to swerve quickly so it won't go as far, but it will go quick. If your goal is distance... What are you allowed to use to hold the sticks together? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ well judging by the date its probably over and done with, how did it go?
  3. If in the case 2=2.5 2+2=5 <=> 2.5+2.5=5 Or quite simply the meaning of those numbers is different than what we are used to. So the symbol 2 does not mean two, nor does the symbol 5 mean five. It could also be that the person is using some sort of other numbering system like binary or hex, simply a different base than 10 that we are used to and did not communicate it.
  4. I was watching a recent "60 minutes" interview with a guy who survived the oil platform explosion...There was an explanation of what happened... Basically near the drill head there are rubber thing(this part starts around 5:30 min into the video)... Yea watch the video... http://news.spreadit.org/60-minutes-oil-spill/ You can decide for your self the true cause... According to the video the rig was costing Bp a billion a day(just to do its normal job), so they should spend at least that much, imo, to help fix this mess. grammar/ adding details
  5. I would agree with you Tnad, except oxygen is not noble, but hydrogen is. (these similes look kinda gay).... Or if you disagree, still remember the old adage that behind every strong man is a stronger woman. So the queen could be the real king, she does provide the heir after all...
  6. Thanks for the reference link, and the reply. What would they look for at the lab? I would assume they would look at the cell structure and compare it to photos of algae on file and determine its species based on a match...
  7. One day I was cleaning an old plastic container stained by tea. The way I cleaned it was to leave it in the sun (sealed water tight, 2gallon, clear blue tint container) after filling it with hose water (exposure cleaning). I then noticed that green algae had started growing(a noticeable thin layer say 2mm thick, average) at the bottom of the container(in partial sun)... It did clean the container, after about a month. I then re-filled the container to see if algae grew again(full light this time, algae on the bottom like before), it did. This algae: What are the odds that its dangerous to ingest(the algae it self in large quantities)? More importantly, what are the odds it could be good for me? What kind of chemicals might be absorbed by the algae, perhaps making the water more clean in a natural way? If it's just inert that's cool too, I'll just keep it as a decoration or maybe use it as fertilizer.
  8. Hydrogen! It's the basis of all known life if it were not for hydrogen we would not have our sun. We would not have water. We would not have life. It can also easily be interchangeably used as a lone proton. Regardless of how 'cool' other elements look, hydrogen is 'invisible'. When a star(made primarily of hydrogen initially) turns into a black hole it unites a heck of a lot of stuff. After all it is #1...Hydrogen is king!
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