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  1. Hi, thanks for the help but I don't understand everything. Which part is the torque? what is a class 3 lever? thanks for your help
  2. Hi guys, at school there is a competition between all classes, we have to build a catapult with 300 ice cream sticks (popsicles), 5 elastic bands and 1 thin metal stick. we have to make a ping pong ball fly as far as possible. We already have a design but can you please help me with important details and things that make the ball fly far! Thanks for your help rigadin
  3. Hi guys It was a long time since I logged in last time but I am writing an essay about steel and I would like to know the physical charasteristics of steel. Like density, melting point, and percentage of carbon (I'm asking you because I get so many different numbers and I'm a bit confused:confused: ) At the same time if you feel like answering what is so special about an electric arc furnace? Thanks for your help rigadin
  4. Hi Is there a chance that this can happen: When global warming has made all the ice melt will the earth turn faster or slower due to the centrifugal force made my all the extra H2O in liquid form? I think this because the earth's rotation will bring a lot of the water around the equator. And what can this lead to???
  5. Everybody write and talk about global warming, Global warming this, global warming that and it is a problem just it dosn't seem like many people are doing something to stop it.....
  6. So if I got it right you mean that the only thing that is different is the shape of the magnetic field and everything else is the same? thanks!
  7. Hi it's been a long time since I last logged in. I have a really important question: Is the magnetism around a magnet of the same sort as the magnetism around an electric line?????? If you don't understand my question just tell me.
  8. This isn't the answer to your question but scientists have found a place in the universe where there is absoloutly nothing!
  9. rigadin


    But my teacher asked me to find out
  10. rigadin

    Speed of light

    I understand that we can't go at the speed of light what does the light "see"?!
  11. rigadin

    Speed of light

    What if it dosen't have a rest mass. What would "it" see? What does light "see"?
  12. rigadin

    Speed of light

    Thanks guys sooo much for helping me with all my questions. Now I understand so much more. I feel really free and comfortable to talk in this forum. I am a very curious boy and I like to learn more about my surrounding world. Anyway another queston: What do you think would happen if you go at the speed of light? Would it become pitch dark because you are ahead of the light? Would you see the light behind you????
  13. rigadin


    I would want if you guys can tell me whyand how do forces occur?? Thanks:doh:
  14. Somehow scientists have slown down light. I didn't read the whole article but I saw the headline. how did they do that?
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