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  1. Thanks for your reply. However, I failed to relate my example to the link you provided since your link shows a colored image that is reproduced hence the after-image. Although my pic shows a Non-colored pic that after staring at it for a long time it is reproduced and this time with Colors. Reason why I was thinking that there might be some kind of editing that is done since the final results produces something that's far different from the initial data.Though I agree with your information that this happens mainly at the eye/retina level, I'd like to know if there isn't any extension of the process that takes place at the brain level. Thanks again. Thanks for yr reply. I guess you are talking about cognitive bias as shown in yr link abt selective attention-invisible gorrilla(actually I tried the experiments but I saw the gorilla bcoz i expected to see one from the title however I tried it with a friend of mine who said which gorilla?' then I said you didn't see a gorilla and the friend exclaimed 'Oh yeah I saw a gorilla!' by which I concluded that my friend actually saw the gorilla but didn't percieve the gorilla. And I guess dimreepr was also refering to a similar kind of selective/biased perception which happens to all of us almost everytime. I even doubt if one can ever be absolutely irrational since we always have some sort of bias that we sometimes don't have control over. ENOUGH SAID, LET'S GET BACK TO THE INITIAL THREAD, I appreciate yr links that arised some interesting facts (although the yahoo link is dead-can't access it) but still HOW DID YOUR EXAMPLES ABOUT DISTORTED PERCEPTION RELATE TO MY INITIAL POST? DID YOU MEAN THAT ONE PERCEIVES THE SECOND IMAGE DUE TO ONE'S EXPECTATIONS? In any case, I'm still trying to understand the implications. Thanks for all the replies. Keep them coming please!!!!!!
  2. 1.LOOK AT THE YELLOW DOT FOR 10sec. 2.THEN LOOK AT THE BLANK AREA I was amazed by this pic but most importantly by the final result. How by focusing for ten seconds on the yellow dot(which I call the center of gravity of the image), and then turning one's sight to the white/blank area, the image is reproduced in its actual/positive form. Does it have to do with the photographic ability of the human brain via the visual senses? does it imply that that the human brain has the ability of processing digital image data from negative(AS IN BLACK/WHITE) to positive (as in COLORED)? I can only make guesses but can't surely explain the implication of this wonderful realization.
  3. trust me this got me confused the first time i saw it. In my mind, IA referred to Internal Assement -back then when i was stuffed with IB IAs:] but when am on sfn .....
  4. the lost lamb is back home... HI EVERYONE???!!!

  5. the lost lamb is back home... HI EVERYONE???!!!

  6. Then went to the chem lab, reads on the wall:
  7. I didn't mean in case of experiments but Research. .exactly, you start your investigation when you have already predicted the outcome! don't u think this is a key factor that will influence yr confirmation bias.
  8. 1.given that it is common knowledge that one needs to formulate a hypothesis before carrying out a research ( this applies mostly to scholars writting their theses). Then, isn't true that these hypotheses acts as misleaders since they fuel the confirmation bias of the researcher? 2.again, if confirmation bias exists, disconfirmation bias must exist as well(seems like they are interdependent in a way!), but how can one give evidence of its existence without making proof that he is also influenced by confirmation bias?--(i mean how to argue neutrally about one of these biases) 3.i think a 'fair' researcher should navigate btn confirmation and disconfirmation biases. what do you think about it? Thank you.
  9. Hello every one!!!

  10. NO! just as it has not yet defined the biggest.
  11. Honestly, why not?! .Can you explain on which basis do you make such a guess? Exactly! we are still in evolution.Humans are still undergoing some slow transformations which may result into something different from what we call 'human' today but still called "another species of HUMAN"
  12. However, 'The European Mars Express mission detected hints of methane in Mars's atmosphere last year, and some astrobiologists have speculated that the methane could be a by-product of extremophilic methanogens or some other form of microbial life.' Note also that they have been some bacteria found in the edge of our planet's atmosphere( are said to be far to have come from earth thus are from outer spaces). Hope they really are!why not.
  13. Tnad

    0!= 1 ?!

    Right.I'm okey with integration by parts but I didn't know about the extension of the factorial function.Thanx,again!
  14. Thank you johnB, I'll consider that too.
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