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  1. The same way we know width, length and depth exist.
  2. Anybody else notice that in a thread full of declaratives there's not one reference to or application of an actual model purporting to relate wage rate with whatever? Imagine if we carried on like this in the natural science forums.
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    What makes the Courts, which gave us Dred Scott, Plessy v. Ferguson and Korematsu v. United States the last bastion of objective, independent authority in the US? A layman might argue that the Courts present an even greater challenge to the so-called non-commitalists; ideological demogoguery and lack of "common political sense" (whatever that means) masquerading behind tortured logic. That's not to say the Court is as I've described, but you don't strike me as the type to argue the case list above shows a Court that is structurally more rational than the legislature or executive.
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    Ask yourself this. Would Ginsberg and Scalia disagree with each other in such terms? If your answer is yes, then I don't think you get the dispute in the first place.
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    I don't really get that worked up about it. All that concerns me is the objective; carrying the day in the hearings and on the Senate floor. Malice towards none and all that jazz. In that sense, I have to hand it to our political system; it cultivates politicos who would rather take a loss and regroup or a win on a bad play than anguish endlessly over their opponents victories.
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    I like to think Israel isn't Wile E. Coyote, and that they'll keep trying until they succeed.
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    Not sure where you're going with this, but I'll just say I like Judge Alito. The hearings have been, if anything, an remarkable exposition of the beauty and richness of law as expressed through a brilliant legal mind. Americans tuning in may have learned something about seemingly dry topics on how federal judges establish or refuse jurisdiction over cases, predictive methods of construction, and more importantly finding the germane issue (the realm of interpretation afforded to police officers over the intent of a search warrant, for example) between two arguments where the participants may strike personal interest goldmines and flashier constitutional issues seem evident to the laymen. To start, I'd recommend looking how Judge Alito's testimony deconstructs Griswold and rebuilds it under justifying tests derived from the 4th, 5th and 14th Amendments. Law is a wonderful, beautiful science, and Judge Alito knows how to present it in a non-judicial proceeding.
  8. Whenever you place a key term of an analogy in quotes, you're off to a bad start. This has more to do with taking an analogy too far rather than the underlying point. Einstein's equations simply state the curvature of the space-time is the direct consequence of some configuration of matter which it contains; this curvature is what we call gravity.
  9. If you mean "attack" as in will either protest or advocate for alternative lesson plans in secondary school, what exactly can they target? Let's be honest, these guys have had a narrow minded focus on secondary school education; universities almost always get a free pass.
  10. Heim theory is obscure and not well understood. It will be a long time coming before an English version of his work is widely disseminated and reviewed.
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