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  1. Justonuim, thanks for the help. Do you know if there is an ideal volume for the regenerator compared to the cylinders? Mr. Sceptic, thank you for the info. I realize that Stirling cycle is not new, the alternative part of my plan is the heat source. Since we are not talking internal combustion the Stirling cycle is ideal for my use, since any heat source ought to do. For instance, I'm aware that a company is already trying to develop a solar powered Stirling Cycle generator, but about other sources. Richard Branson is trying to help spur cellulose ethanol, but what about just burning yard waste, trash or methane (sewer gas). Energy is all around us not just light but heat. what if we could harvest heat from the atmosphere, or the oceans? At any rate Stirling Cycle allows me to look at the practicality of different fuels and heat sources using one relatively simple engine.
  2. Want to build a Stirling Cycle engine as a test mule for alternative power production. To get started, I'm looking for design specifics such as optimum temperature differential, best volume ratios for hot side compared to cold side. these seem like they should be simple but I can't find anything saying so. Hot side to cold side volume: should it be a simple 1 to 1 ratio or in practice does a slightly different ratio work better? Is a larger temperature differential always better of is there a efficiency sweet spot? Lots more question but answers to these would provide a great starting spot.
  3. Looking to build a Stirling Cycle engine as a test mule for alternative power production. Need to find out the specifics of optimum engine design such as the best volume ratio for the cold side compared to the hot side. best regenerator volume, etc..
  4. Hi, I'm Joe but that user name is usually taken. I'm interested in alternative power and would like to use Stirling cycle power to at the heart of an energy production system. Problem is that I don't have a Stirling cycle engine. I'd like to build one but don't know the specifics like what the cold side volume should be in relation to the hot side, what gas to use, etc.. Can anybody help?
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