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  1. ok, thank all of you for your advice. i really appreciate it
  2. are there any online colleges that would teach such a degree? because in my line of work i cant take regular classes :/
  3. i am very interested in black holes, novae, neutron stars etc. etc. also the way the universe formed and is continuing to grow, and how the universe works on an atomic level and theories about why things work the way that they do. any ideas?
  4. i was reading in my astronomy magazine that scientists have discovered a new type of supernova that was thought only theoretically possible but a 2002 supernova didn't fit the stereotype (white dwarf exploding or the collapse of a highly massive star) but this supernova is relatively faint, quick and doesn't have the scattering of elements that other supernovas produce. and there is other info but it doesn't relate to my question, would it be possible that some of these supernovas that're weaker that regular ones have happened further than 13.7B light years away but produced a light dim enough to not reach the reaches of our sattellites? thus leaving our belief that our universe is so far only 13.7B old like we think? Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedi apologize for the sloppy wording
  5. hi, i go by harley, and i have a profound interest in astronomy, astrophysics, quantum mechanics/physics. ive joined to broaden my knowledge of these subjects, and i ask alot of questions so please be patient im 17 and am a senior in high school also.
  6. im relatively new to the whole quantum mechanics and quantum physics and everything, i was wondering if anyone had any ideas for books i can read or websites i can look at to help with my basic knowledge of this whole broad subject. im trying to teach myself the basics, and i apologize if i put this in the wrong forum
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