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    St.Louis, MO
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    Scuba Diving, Fencing, Parkour, Home Brewing, Graphic design, Video Games,Reading,archery,marksmanship.
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    Bio-Chemistry/Computer Science
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    Full time student. I'm taking a double major in Bio-chemistry and Computer science. I live in STL and currently attend the community college at meramec campus. Later on if i'm still in the area i hope to attain my P.h.D from Washington University.
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  1. Hi, I am new, my name is Marcus i'm from St.louis, MO. Full time student ( who is currently engaged to the love of my life(and yes i can hear you all laughing)) going after my undergrad in both computer science and bio-chemistry. When i graduate if I decide to stay in the area i plan to go to Washington University for my post grad studies. The job market blows so right now i'm stuck working as a cook in a bar and grill, the pay is lousy but i at least enjoy cooking and am rather good at it. I like math believe it or not i just happen to suck at it; I excelled at biology, chemistry, and computer science throughout my high school days.
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