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  1. I said never because I briefly studied AI for my under grad in CS course and here is my reason: AI development heavily relies on mathematical formulas and programming techniques that we, the humans, discover and create. For that reason, we are setting up a mathematical and programming limits according to our intelligence therefore the AI we create may not exceed beyond our intelligence.
  2. all of the suggestions above are correct. there is no absolute correct way but i do recommand you hit up some software engineering books\sites. I would certianly make use of MS project, UML, flow charts, and all that stuff. But you do need to undrstand software development life cycle.
  3. back in college, in one of my computer sceince class, one of my classmates was a math major with a minor in computer science. So if you really like to program, I recommand you minor in computer sceince. And the programming languages I recommand are C, C++, and perhaps Java or C#. Scripting languages I recomamnd are PHP and Perl. goodluck
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