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  1. I see, so one last question. Is D-Glucose known as Dextrose? Thank you for all of your help. I have learned alot.
  2. So D-Glucose is unrelated to D-(+)-Glucose?
  3. I recieved a ball and stick model set for Christmas. I don't understand why this Glucose is named the way it is. I found information on D-Glucose, but nothing with the + in the middle. Is it the same thing?
  4. I was reading an article about using coal to make olefins but I don't know what those are. Can anyone give me a real simple answer? I tried looking them up but they kept talking about or redirecting me to Alkene.
  5. I joined the ACS the other day and I'm actually pretty excited. Being only a freshmen in college I feel like it has solidified my place in chemistry.
  6. that's not very science related!
  7. I'm a bored college student. I'm going to school for Chemical Engineering and I'm looking for some fun projects to do. I don't want anything crazy hard or expensive, just something to take up some free time. I was thinking about growing bacteria or something like that. Any good science DIY projects?
  8. I am a freshmen at Penn State and I'm going for chemical engineering. I've heard that joining a professional society is a good way to learn about your profession and help network. I was looking into joining the student division of ACS but I'm not really sure of the benefits. Is anyone a member of ACS or another professional chemistry organization? I'm just looking to join on that would help a student, maybe have seminars, a subscription to their journal, networking. I'm not really sure what to expect from these groups. Any opinions or answers?
  9. Just curious if any of you play. Thought maybe we could create teams or something.
  10. Luckygamer


    This summer I participated in the STEM program at Penn State Greater Allegheny. Basically we took 5 college classes (2 were credited) and went on field trips to business that relied on engineers. It was my first real taste of doing any engineering, and it was a blast. In our engineering and design class we had two weeks to design a smart home so the elderly could live in them for as long as possible. Our professor owned a company that actually did this, so we had some good leads. I was on the energy group, our job was to research how to power the house with green energy. This ranged from Geothermal heat pumps to using energy efficient toasters. Just thought I'd post about my first engineering experience and how awesome it was! I wish I could have done something like this in highschool though.
  11. Luckygamer


    Seems fun. Anyone try it out yet?
  12. Spectacular. I feel extremely productive now. Anyone else have questions? I could think of hundreds of questions like this honestly.
  13. After reading Carl Sagan's essay "Why We Need To Understand Science" I realized at some point in my educational career, I decided my questions became dumb. I have no idea why, but at some point it seemed unacceptable for me to ask a fundamental question like "Why is the sun yellow?" I'm eighteen and I'm not sure why the sun is yellow. I know about different stars and that the sun uses fusion power but I can't explain the color. Am I the only one who still has questions like this in their head but won't ask them? How about we ask each other these questions? Any field, any topic, and no pressure to stop you from asking and getting your answer. Maybe just maybe, we have some questions in common even.
  14. The problem has been solved. Thanks for all the help! I'm sure I'll have another question soon.
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