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    My own little world- But It's okay- they know me there.
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    Look above.... oh and Anime... LOOOTS of anime. and art,
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    .... I wish
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    I am starting to beleive that im noctornal ( can't spell that) as i stay away at night and early hours of the morning and sleep during the day when ever I can. Well, I love writing, reading computer... I never know what to say on these things, lol.
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  1. Hey I'm new, though I think that would be the general idea when posting on here, right? So everyone gathered that I'm still in school, like science (duh) when done right of cource. Poetry, writing, music, etc. (My spelling sucks which I find ironic due to my interests) Anime obsessed, total Geek, Nerd, etc and couldnt be more proud of it. Really, what more is there to say? Cant wait to meet you all and yeah... Oh and my name's Simone, (Sim, Simmi, Konouchi....whatever ) ... wait, names go at the beginning of an introduction right? My bad I'm scatterbrained like that So yeah, I ramble sorry. L8r!! - Sim
  2. Hi So, I have a project for school and I'd appreciate some help? thanks. When will iron nails rust more rapidly? Four options are: 1. Distilled water 2. adhydrous calcium chloride 3. Boilled distilled water and olive oil 4. distilled water and oxygen Please help with this it's for a school project! THANKS.
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