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  1. I think some confusion comes when nutritionists advise against drinking tea or coffee with vitamins. The interference in mineral absorption (particularly metals) is the tannins (in black tea and coffee) which chelate metals and prevent absorption.
  2. I am at a facility that currently incubates all MacConkey plates in a non-CO2 incubator for the first 24 hours. I have never seen this practice, in my experience MAC has always been incubated w/all other agar in a C02 environment. The manufacturer does suggest incubation in a non CO2, but simply states 'for enhanced recovery of some enteric GNR'. I understand the rationale for stool cultures (recovery of salmonella and shigella) but which GNR are enhanced for other routine cultures? (urine/wound/fluid/etc) Additionally, does anyone know the mechanism that allows for enhanced growth in a non CO2 environment?
  3. I'm Stacie and all of your responses make me smile. I have eighteen thousand random quirks and if you want to know them I'm sure I could supply you with a few pages. I suppose the most pertinent quirk is that I'm a science freak who got caught up in the wonder of medicine. I'm a medical technologist, BS in Clinical Lab Science, MS in Molecular Pathology. I currently work primarily in Microbiology. I have to admit I'm not here primarily to share information...mostly to see how much I can suck out of all of you, but I'll contribute where I can! Glad to be here
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