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  1. If you don't work there, it's going to be difficult obtaining permission to use their patient data. You could find out what applies in your country and what the appropriate method is
  2. This right here

  3. An increase in the hydrostatic pressure over that opposed by intravascular oncotic pressure would normally cause fluid loss from the vessels
  4. Summarising the ppt material on paper helps a great deal too. Get the idea, teach someone, it'll stick better that way. Studied Obstetrics abs Gynaecology that way myself
  5. There's really no correlation between cranial size and IQ. Also a large cranial cavity doesn't necessarily translate to a larger brain.
  6. quick questions.1. what is "swag"?2. is it relative?3. does dual booting my phone give me "swag"?4. does running a hackintosh with 4 other operating systems on a PC give me "swag"?....social laws are stupid

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    2. WWLabRat


      SWAG = Stuff We All Get. In other words, it's conformity by seeming to have the "coolest", "freshest", and expensive articles (usually clothing). As such, it is relative. And a waste, if you ask me...

    3. imatfaal


      1. heaven knows

      2. isn't everything

      3. if you have to ask about it you aint got it!

      4. no - that gives you myopia, a nervous disorder and possible rsi


      yes - yet they are completely necessary for civilisation; bit of a pain that.

    4. Greg H.

      Greg H.

      Swag is one of those words that I wish I could beat out of the English language with a stick. Every time one of my kids uses it, I physically cringe.

  7. Pregnant women can do anything and get away with it. Rob a bank and blame it on the baby's kicking

    1. WWLabRat


      So true! There's a song by Garfunkel and Oates called "Pregnant Women Are Smug" that talks about this...

  8. The only man who sees "hot" as warm - Envoy

  9. Just the perfect time to fall sick

  10. The guy in charge of the soundtrack in this movie should be shot -_____-

  11. HOW TO START A FIGHT:1. Ask ur partner for one fried egg and one boiled egg.2. When she brings the plate, throw it down and shout, ''you boiled the wrong egg!"

    1. WWLabRat


      Must try this... Step 1: get partner.

  12. I've refused to follow social conventions. That doesn't make me a rebel

  13. Not so much. Need help with something?
  14. See me watching African magic. That's how bad things have gotten

  15. Things 72 hours without sleep can do to you -_____-

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    2. CharonY


      Also around the three day mark auditory hallucinations tend to start or become more prevalent.

    3. Joshua201


      I believe it started already

    4. WWLabRat


      Just wait for the visual hallucinations... That'll really throw you...

  16. 3rd successive night. Andy what have you done o?

  17. 48 sleepless hours. ... Not bad at all

  18. Insomnia - I wonder what could be behind it.Still up at 5am

  19. "There's one wolf in Alaska, how do you find it?First build a fence down the middle of the state, wait for the wolf to howl, determine which side of the fence it is on.Repeat process on that side only, until you get to the point where you can see the wolf." - "wolf-fence" algorithm

    1. ADreamIveDreamt


      The question then arises: is the wolf in sheep's clothing?

    2. Joshua201


      lol. that'll be a futile exercise

  20. - .... .. ... / .. ... / .- .-- . ... --- -- .

    1. WWLabRat


      -.-- . ... / .. - / .. ...

  21. If you say "EPL's officiating is poor", i think you do have a case, because...Weeks back Everton vs Newcastle saw 2 good goals from Everton (Anichebe & Fallani) disallowed. (it may have seemed the English FA hated Everton)Buh today Liverpool vs Everton, liverpool's Suarez was denied a good goal cos of poor officiating.Weeks back Chelsea Vs Reading, Chelsea's Torres scored from Offside, yet the goal was given (It seemed Chelsea had bought the FA). A game Chelsea went ahead to win.Yeste...

  22. That feeling when you don't know how to continue a conversation with someone you really like & you just sound really boring.

    1. Phi for All

      Phi for All

      When it goes from being a dialogue to a dialittle?

  23. That mini heart attack you get when you're half asleep and you suddenly feel like you're falling.

    1. Phi for All

      Phi for All

      I think that's called a somnembolism....

  24. That awkward moment when you don't know how to reply to a really sweet text.

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