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  1. I mean that a light source is put somewhere in an empty peice of space which goes on forever. Will the light produced by the source go on forever or stop somewhere in space
  2. If you put a light source, lets say... a lightbulb or star, in a corner of a universe with nothing in it to block it or anything. What will happen. Will it go on forever or what and why?
  3. My friends and I are doing a project on digestions and it would help if we could find out how to test for enzymes. Thanks:-)
  4. How about previous theories. by the way. Thanks for helping guys:-)
  5. I thought the agar petri dishes are already stirile so you just have to pop in the bactieria and quickly close it
  6. My teacher has asked me to do some reseach on the history of the particle theory of matter. i can't find anything. Do you guys know anything about the history of it?
  7. I searched on google. Most came back with the answer: Melt it down and conduct electrolysis
  8. You could but you would need a whole lot to disolve it
  9. Yep create a big fire but I don't think water would do the trick. liquid Nitrogen should
  10. Don't think it would work. The rock might blast into his house. Or get one of those plants like YT2095 said.
  11. H2SO4 for cars even though i don't think they are used anymore
  12. Hi, im a new member from singapore. I am interested in general chemistry and cosmology
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