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  1. SFN is 4 earth years old !!! Happy Birthday. Cap'n Refsmmat must have cut a cake on this occasion i bet
  2. Hmmm... It uses Http PL and no FTP is used Whatever happened, the problem is now gone. My portal host solved the problem somehow. Thanks a lot for suggestions. Tree's code looked secure. I shall implement that.
  3. Better not to mess with that file I tried googling C:\$Mft and i found forum posts complaining that their OS is not starting and has an error message "C:\$Mft File Not Found:
  4. I know it sounds funny, but the guy who told me this was serious... It seems that in VB.net, whenever he "Started debugging" his project, a copy of the executable was found in the recycle bin . So strange
  5. Loads of setup making softwares are available. And the plus point is... they are easy to use for a layman. The one i use frequently is Install US Pro Also, certain Visual Studio edtions come inbuilt with Package and Deployment wizards in case ur developing windows applications
  6. Well.... loss of backward compatability is a poor software design. But i do appreciate tabs. I saw em on Firefox and was wondering what took MS so long. I guess future versions of windows will have tabbed windows explorers and Office2003 styles. Cool huh. And i saw a dotNET project which used IE6 controls to create a new web browser with tabs.
  7. But i also feel that since dotNetNuke is Open Source system, the hacker must be knowing what the scripts are in it. That could have helped him hack it. I saw few more dotNetNuke and PHP-Nuke sites getting hacked.
  8. Hi... I should say, i use dotNetNuke. An open source content management system. My hosting provider is http://www.pureportals.com The irony is, my hosting providers website is also hacked. The guy must be executing some sort of script on the servers. He must have used some Response.Write(...) mechanism. Try to view the source of the website. No HTML tags.
  9. I dont know..... how this all happened. How can someone hack a secure ASP.net website the link is www.dotnet4u.co.nr There are so many such websites that were hacked Another example http://www.bjelovar.com/linkovi/ Try googling for "NobodyCoder" I was shocked. This guy has hacked so many PHP portals too.
  10. ADO.NET is actually a data - access model. It is used to access data from various databases ( or datasources to be general ) and provide them to .NET Applications. SQL is universally accepted language for accessing data using queries. Any new database model that doesen't prescribe to SQL will have to become obsolete. By the way, what database is SFN using? ( Is it MySQL? )
  11. There is no limit to accelerate as long as u have velocity < c But as v -> c, acceleration becomes zero, This is on the basis of the equation, a= v * (sqrt(1-v^2/c^2)) / Delta(T)
  12. I got a clue to transport the electromagnetic energy that gets collected. Maybe we could use a waveguide or a collimator to transport the intense energy back to earth
  13. Why should earth face inertia of rotation? I mean inertia comes into picture only when there is some opposing force right? What opposes the rotation of earth .... ( Is is sun's gravity?? Just a guess )
  14. Of all shapes, sphere is shape that has the least Potential Energy Reason: Sphere has the largest surface area for a given volume And it is tendancy of a body to attain the least possible Potential Energy State ( That is why you are attracted to earth ... mgh ) So, ultimately the shape of planets come about to be spherical....
  15. Have you been amazed by the progress bar in Fedora Core installation. I heard that the progress bar in Linux installations that shows the amt of OS installed, time remaining, etc was developed in Python Its a breeze to learn... and it a programmer quoted in dobbs journal that his 10 y.o. daughter was able to draw a sine curve in python.
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