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  1. Similar to the way I learned japanese is that I made a program similar to this in macromedia flash. This method is very effective, however I would suggest you create a flash version and have a sound play for each number. And for those who wish to go faster, use a non-audio version.
  2. Cognitive science and how the brain interprets visual data. Long horizontal lines in fashion design can create a wide looking appearance and the vertical lines on a cloth can give a slimming look. When it comes to art and science, there seems to be a cognitive side to it all, along with psychological. If you wish to call psychology a part of neuroscience and then you can call it part of science. The typical after image effect where red represents green after looking at it long enough and then turning away. This occur I believe in the hypothalmus, although I may be incorrect. http://faculty.washington.edu/chudler/chvision.html You may find the first bit of this interesting: http://www.jneurosci.org/cgi/content/full/19/18/8036
  3. I believe you would make much more money if you worked on a jacket that would automatically dry itself after getting it soaking wet. I would buy one.
  4. Does anyone know a website on the Internet that I can find videos of people who are catatonic schizophrenics? I want to know more about catatonic schizophrenics. I want to know what it looks like for them to be in their calm state, and their transition to a psychotic episode of anger.
  5. Does anyone have a list of websites that have educational science videos? I've discovered Nova and learner.org, but I'm wondering about other websites people have come across in their educational journey.
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    I've found this to be false at time, seeing as I've been on the web long enough. There are things that don't hit google quite quickly.
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    http://physicsforums.com/ P.S. to get the best of the e-learning experience, one must have valuable sources such as Wikipedia, but the ability to discuss the material with others on places such as a forum like this. If enough people understood the e-learning process, we would have many more educated minds without the expense of shelling out cash. I think some people here with me will agree that the reason people contribute to the forum is so people can get more intelligent, and while on their journey help others too.
  8. I believe that all quantum mechanical particles have a psychological behavior of their own and have a type of conformity in which all coordinates the physiological action of emotion the the central particle which is the soul. Other than that, transhumanism is the way to go.
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