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    Angular momentum

    Twisting is associated with angular momentum (the body part has a moment of inertia and angular velocity). But it's a vector, so what are the implications of twisting in different directions?
  2. swansont

    No battery, electric engine

    ! Moderator Note Both of those ideas were in speculations, and there's no use in discussing an idea built on speculation, until that speculation is shown to work according to mainstream physics, or has evidence to support it. Further, you were told not to introduce your idea again, as you did not provide adequate defense of it in your earlier thread.
  3. swansont

    Are we heading for war ?

    And that was caused by opening trade with China?
  4. swansont

    Are we heading for war ?

    There's a bit of post hoc ergo propter hoc going on here. China (or China alone) didn't cause the changes you imply. And we used to blame Japan for these alleged woes, before China became the scapegoat. Outsourced manufacturing jobs didn't just go to China. And manufacturing jobs were basically flat (not declining) from ~1970 - 2000 https://www.cnccookbook.com/the-decline-in-us-manufacturing-is-more-recent-than-you-think-and-turning-around/
  5. "Quantized" does not mean "not a random distribution" IOW, a distribution that has some peaks in it is not quantized. Quantized would mean that values other than allowed quantum values simply do not exist.
  6. It's not strictly that the discussion was off-topic, though it was. "My religion is the correct one" violates rule 2.8, namely Preaching and "soap-boxing" (making topics or posts without inviting, or even rejecting, open discussion) are not allowed. So the discussion strayed into an area that we're not going to tolerate, regardless of how we got there. The OP does. And the OP is within their rights to point out if some tangent is not something they wish to discuss, if it is indeed a tangent and not something needed to support their thesis. But defining the scope of the thread is usually laid out in the first post of a thread, assuming enough detail has been provided (some discussions are too open-ended for this to hold). It can be later clarified, but if a different discussion is desired, a new thread should be started. Mods are within their rights to narrow the scope of a discussion if it's necessary to keep it within the rules and goals for the site.
  7. swansont

    How to ruin sex research

    ! Moderator Note Off-topic discussion has been moved to the trash.
  8. swansont

    How to ruin sex research

    ! Moderator Note That's not the topic of discussion for the original thread.
  9. This hypothesis is not supported by the evidence. The salient point is that you own the burden of proof, and it is your responsibility to provide evidence for your claims. Full stop. Meaning that "go use a search engine" is not something you get to use to buttress your claims.
  10. swansont

    Is there Electric Propulsion?

    This is why one needs a twin-ion engine. For use on a fighter craft, perhaps.
  11. swansont

    Question about Inflation Theory.

    Yes https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electroweak_epoch
  12. swansont

    Is there Electric Propulsion?

    If you eject them, yes. That's the idea behind the ion drive. If they move as in your diagram, it won't provide thrust.
  13. swansont

    Commonly un-thought of theories.

    ! Moderator Note Unlocking with the understanding that we would be discussing obscure but unfalsified ideas in science, e.g. ideas that perhaps have not been tested owing to the difficulty of doing so, and as such have fallen out of view, but not ideas that are contrary to mainstream science.
  14. ! Moderator Note People can summarize GR and the evidence for it in a few paragraphs, assuming people understand basic physics. You should be able to present something similar for your conjecture. However, if your idea is based on an untested idea, we have to investigate that idea first. Not fair to build on it, and just assuming it's true.
  15. swansont

    Is peltier over load possible

    I think it's obvious that this is possible, with the proper engineering. To what end?
  16. ! Moderator Note The question posed by this thread is why religions are diverse. It is NOT an issue of the "correctness" of any religion, and further discussion along those lines will end up in the trash.
  17. swansont

    Is there Electric Propulsion?

    You need a reaction mass for your setup — the "exhaust" in your diagram has to be something with momentum.
  18. swansont

    The outer limits of spacetime

    A sphere has a finite surface area, and could be continuously expanding, so yes.
  19. Zero length? To the extent that you are correct, it’s already part of GR
  20. swansont

    Is there Electric Propulsion?

    Yes. A light source could be used, since photons have momentum. It’s exceedingly weak (F = P/c, where P is power) but is possible.
  21. There is no “moment of mass existence” Energy is conserved, so mass does not just pop into being. However, in a very basic sense, gravity behaves as you describe, despite your dubious mathematical claims
  22. Fortunately, instant propagation is not part of the theory. But that’s GR (curvature), not Newton. If gravity ceases at some distance, what is that distance?
  23. swansont

    Teleporting Versus Time Travel

    Is it not traveling forward in time?
  24. swansont

    Teleporting Versus Time Travel

    No black hole needed. I’m traveling forward in time right now, as are you.
  25. swansont

    Decoherent wave collapse?

    So it has nothing to do with wave function collapse. An electron, as a wave, does not have to be in a superposition of eigenstates. There is no collapse.