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  1. Yayy thanks man , do you have "Company of Heroes" by any chance?, or Ventrilo?
  2. This is not some equation thats out of a note book this is just an example i made up. altho i suppose that would be hard to prove this is just me trying to understand this for an upcoming outcome. So, in reference to this question, what your saying is, P/I = V? or PxI = V? P2/I2 = V2 or P2x I2 = V2 and from there i would be able to work out the other side simply eg. N2 = N1 x V2/V1 from there I1 = I2 x N2/N1 and then all left is P1 but i would get that by P=IV so P1 = I1xV1 ??? Does that sound Like it ???
  3. yes power, and what have i been measuring it in? Power doesn't change right so power in would be the same as the power out?
  4. This is an example of what im talking about, Primary winding: 100v 400N Secondary winding: 200A 1.6Kv V1 = 100 N1 = 400 I2 = 200 P2 = 1.6kv This is an Example of an equation i had in class, i dont have any examples with me this is from memory which is why i was looking for a site with some examples and questions
  5. Right, so how would i get the Number of Turns on the Secondary if i only had the primary? Also, would this work for the voltage?
  6. What about the rest of it lol, how do i work out the current on the Primary if i only know what it is on the secondary. or the Turns or the voltage. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedWhat about the rest of it lol, how do i work out the current on the Primary if i only know what it is on the secondary. or the Turns or the voltage. Thank you by the way though tht was a quick response
  7. Hello im doing a course in electrical engineering in college, and ive came into a block about working out things on either the primary or the secondary windings of the transformer (Ie, the current, the power, the voltage, or the Turns.) Now i don't know if this is an American forum or a universal one or a UK site, what ever, In the UK, .Voltage = V .Current = I .Turns = N .Power = P Im alright in questions such as ... Eg.If the primary winding has a voltage of 100v and secondary winding has a voltage of 200v and the Current on the primary winding is 30Amps what is the current equal to on the secondary windings, I can do these with ease, its when it gets to questions that require transposing formula i do struggle especially this one, im not sure about any of it, or how power comes into this equation Vp/Vs = Ip/Is = Np/Ns EG. If the voltage and Turns is on primary coils are equal to 300volts and 200N And the power and current on the secondary coils are equal to 7.6Kv and 100Amps Could be a number of things such as Working out the voltage or the Turns on the secondary coils or working out the Current or Power on the primary but im not quite sure how i work this 1 out. (Key: p = Primary s = secondary) I know That Vp/Vs = Ip/Is = Np/Ns lecturer didn't make a very good job of explanation lol Please reply asap Thanks, any help would be appretiated i hope my examples arent to bad, i know they wont work out right but just as an example. ALSO!, Do you know of any site that has, Questionnaires or Quizzes about transformer equations and such like, im not looking for University stuff just basic level if that exists
  8. Hello im Robert, 17 from GB, Scotland, anyways im an electrical engineering apprentice and doing an SVQ in electrical engineering, interests include gaming and smoking weed
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