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  1. I guess it depends what you are measuring as 'infinity'. Is the universe infinite, or merely a spec of time on the grand scheme of things? Personally, I do not believe anything is 'infinite'
  2. Interesting thread. I read a news article the other week that said NASA had inadvertently discovered a way of measuring organic particles from a distance of hundreds and thousands of lightyears away. I haven't heard anything new on it, but surely this is the perfect way? I'll post a link to the article if I can find it
  3. The Jolly Juggler This one is excellent. Really simple but really really (really) addictive. Fun and free online browser game, worth a play.
  4. You articulated much better than I ever could - agree 100%
  5. People seem to forget all the amazing things NASA provide the human race -it's not all useless exploration, I wish people would understand that - the money is always well-spent IMO
  6. I played Crush the Castle that is extremely addictive! Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedJust got an email from these guys saying i am in the top 3 so could possible win some amazon vouchers circus game I basically rock. I bought a new game for my iphone last weekend called Space Miner. If anyone was ever into Wing Commander Privater or Elite, you might be interested in it, quite fun and also very addictive, get to upgrade your ship etc. Your posts about EVE make me want to play it.... ...i might check it out this weekend but wont let the girlfriend know.. she do
  7. What's your opinion of NASA outsourcing spaceflight production to other companies? I personally think it's a good move - either that or lose out altogether and forget about it, plus it means it could get more competitive and more and more spaceflights taken (safety would have to be a supreme factor obviously)
  8. I've never played EVE - I get addicted way too easily to some games, and I have a feeling EVE is one of those!
  9. Well I like Wind, Solar, Hydrogen - anything clean and safe - but I voted for other, just for fun (the other is something not yet designed that is probably just round the corner, fingers crossed!)
  10. Agh! I could talk about this subject for hours. My interpretation (and very humble this opinion is) - is that consciousness is more than just a physical and chemical process that goes on in the brain. I guess this interpretation borders on the spiritual side, but I like to think that even such a belief is scientifically sound, even if currently unproven
  11. Its also obvious the guy has used an online translator!!
  12. I'm currently playing WoW and the latest COD. However, at this very second I am playing this quirky little browser game while I should be working knifethrower Have a go if you fancy, it's strangely addictive
  13. Thanks for sharing this ) Good luck with the experiment moving forward
  14. It depends on our understanding of space - what is space? Something must be outside of our view of space, whether it just be more space, or something altogether different we cannot yet observe
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