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  1. But the idea that there can be a genetic mutation that makes us immune to HIV is wonderful. Go go gadget genetic studies! But all kidding aside that is probably where this type of cure will come from since bone marrow transplants are so complex.
  2. Does anybody have any explanation for why low does Naltrexone would be a good treatment for cancer, or not. any ideas?
  3. ...I see what you mean, like why can't we harness the movement of electrons... I mean I don't think I will see the day that something like that could ever be done or a machine small enough to accomplish it but it would be pretty cool. Or maybe if we made a giant dynamo powered by a planet/moon orbit... until they collapse into each other =p
  4. lolz I mean wtf, surely that girl had some idea! man people can be so dumb sometimes
  5. Hey guys, I know I haven't been on in a while but I figured the community might be able to help me out =) http://www.listia.com/contest/14 I just made that video and need some votes, also if you get any free time you should check out the site... Mind you it isn't too sci-ency but occasionally you will find something neat =p but as far as cool items go you have better chances at thinkgeek =D gimme a vote and repost it on your facebooks if you love me... I will owe you guys big time.
  6. Okay so does anybody know anything that I should study that could be on my ACS standardized final for Ochem 1 and 2? I have it in the morning and I have no idea what I should know... I didnt even know we were having a cumulative final over a year of work... damn lol
  7. yeah it is all on what the people want, a buddy of mine bought two sirius radios for like 100 creds each and they sound great! but for a 360 it costs like 20k creds... it is really odd but it is only things that the age group want is expensive lol I think the excahnge rate is like 1k creds for 100 dollars but there is no reason to buy them if you can 'sell' things you dont even want. pretty good, and just for being a part of the site you start around 200-260 creds lol just make an account, it is pretty cool
  8. http://www.listia.com/howitworks Ive been a member on there for a couple days now and I have realized it is legit! lol I thought it was gonna rip me off hard but my buddy bought two sirius radios off the site for like 200 points each which is less than you start with... give it a shot, I wouldnt mind seeing more sciency type stuff on auction just give it a shot, I know seems like it isnt real but it is... oddly enough
  9. Well, your best bet is to research what type of agar will sufficiently grow the bacteria/culture you want. Soy trypticase agar usually works as a general agar, at least in my experience. If I were you I would buy some agar powder from the web.
  10. well see, I am not too afraid of a shark attack when scuba diving only when I am snorkeling in the ocean not being able to see my surroundings all the time due to the fact I have to surface. I want a last ditch effort that will make the animal decide not to eat me if I get put in the situation. Know what I mean?
  11. can anybody tell me how to build a way to pass current through salt water at command strong enough to repel sharks? basically the same idea behind the shark shield except homemade and not 500+ dollars haha plus it isnt always effective, and for that I can make my own and not be out anything more any ideas?
  12. does anybody have some insight to cutting edge cancer treatment? A close friend of mine has some tumor growth that is inoperable in one of his lungs and some tumors in the lymphoid tissue of his chest. Anybody have any ideas? I know NK cells can be used, what research is showing promise? What about drugs any medication showing promise without destroying the body while its at it?
  13. the problem is with lactose intolerance the diarrhea is so bad that is ruins the normal flora of your digestive organs on top of the uncomfortable gas pressures and the cramps. Basically, if you keep the body from absorbing nutrients the body will become malnourished, if you try and give fiber to someone suffering from lactose intolerance caused issues by supplementing with fiber will not alleviate the lactose intolerant problems Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged well it is unknown that gene therapy would be a cure in the future for obesity but as of right now the idea
  14. Although I agree with nothing that Xenon has stated, lactose intolerance can be aided by the supplementation of lactase, the enzyme responsible for breaking up lactose, and would allow for the person to eat milk products safely Xenon, I am sorry to say but the most reasonable way for someone to combat obesity would be to exercise and count the intake of calories, the burning of calories and create a deficit between the two numbers. The medical intervention should only be seen as a last resort because the existing procedures involved are too risky and cause problems with the absorption of n
  15. Are you able to use some type of biological process to separate the two? that would seem easier
  16. Well, by heating your home with coal you would increase heat found in the location firstly, then be releasing Sulfur compounds from burning into the atmosphere that can be rained back down as sulfuric acid. From oxidizing the carbon structure of coal or wood one would produce large amounts of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is considered a 'greenhouse' gas from what I remember in middle school. The bonds of Carbon Dioxide rotate and bend under specific electromagnetic radiation frequencies from the sun, thus creating more heat for the planetary system. Uhm, Geothermal anyone? I guess the on
  17. Not saying I don't watch Mythbusters because I do but I will have to say it makes me so frustrated if I watch it with my "scientific mind" but if I'm watching it with my "Im lazy and dont wanna think mind" it is pretty good =)
  18. NOT MEDICAL ADVICE hmm yeah endospores would be a definite thing to worry about BUT if the bacteria were killed, your body could possibly give rise to memory cells that could actually protect you in a secondary immune response, if you were to get infected with a live version it would be shorter lived. =p But of course that is if there are any antigens left after cooking, Im not so sure on that part.
  19. Honestly, my father is a Chiropractor and a Naturopathic doctor here in TN and has treated 100s of people that had chronic recurring candida infections, and every one cured. Of course though that is how my dad rolls. M.D.s from what I understand treat the infection with anti-fungal prescriptions although that usually doesn't work in the long run due to the individual's immune system cannot keep the infection at bay on its own after the anti-fungal drug is administered. http://www.fungusfocus.com/html/prescription_fungal_drugs.htm
  20. I believe that could be considered a factor but for the most part the ease of access to food and no exercise is the weight gain issue in today's culture, at least here in the U.S. There has been a pretty heavy decrease in manual labor for the masses of obese individuals.
  21. Yeaaaa, but that is a bit explosive, and by a bit I mean very... Dont do that lol
  22. Well, although these two sources could possibly one day be helpful, there isn't much help for people who already have damage to the myelin sheathing as is the case with the an already occurring neuropathy. But I do like the information, at least there are some groups working towards re-myelination. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedMaybe an increase somehow of Glial cells would have an impact on re-myelinating the nerves. Ill grab some sources real quick Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedSchwann cells are glial cells found to work in peripheral nervous sy
  23. Okay, so does anybody have any ideas on how to combat the acceleration of this problem or how to rebuild the myelin sheath around the nerves? currently it is classified as idiopathic although the doctors have eluded to it being a possible diabetic neuropathy, but they are not sure. lets brainstorm. Go.
  24. Hello I am Blakely, a Jr. majoring in medical technology. I too am crazy about science and im really happy to find this site! Thanks guys!
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