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  1. I would like to introduce myself to the other forum members. I was born with a incurable condition known as extreme curiosity. It has been a 40+ year struggle. People often come up to me and ask me what is wrong? When I ask them why they believe something is wrong, they say that I have a worried look on my face. I just tell them that is my normal expression. However, I am always worried. I'm worried that I won't have enough time to find the answers to all the questions floating around inside my head. I am the parent of two young children who show the same signs of an overactive mind, so I'm now experiencing the pains that my parents did almost 40 years ago. I hope to find the time to answer my own questions as well as theirs and maybe contribute some answers to the questions that plague mankind as well. I want to extend my appreciation in advance for tolerating me.
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