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  1. The boiling point of branched hydrocarbons is lower than the boiling point of straight chains hydrocarbons (I am talking about Isomers--> same number of Carbon atoms ) Why is this so? What does that have to do with intermolecular forces?
  2. I have a question about the occurence of meiosis. I was told meiosis occurs during gametogenesis (formation of gametes such as sperm/ova). And during meiosis 1 - prophase 1 there is crossing over occuring to create more diversity. My question is crossing over of whose chromosomes because we have 2 pairs of every chomorome (not chromatid)??? Each individual has its own set of chromosomes, I can't see how crossing over can occur during the formation of 4 sperm or 1 egg because fertilization has not occured yet. And does meiosis occur during fertilization, if yes the result would be 4 genetically distinct cells in one human being??? If no, then how can there be a genetically distinct zygote in result that has traits from both father and mother. I am not sure if the chromosomes are just mixed during fertilization (when sperm fertilizes the egg). I'm just confused, please clear that up for me. (ultimately i'm asking where meiosis occurs) Thanks in advance.
  3. Atlantic

    Cell wall

    Plant cells have rigid cell walls to hold the cells together, how do animal cells hold themselves together. Does it have something to do with the chemical properties (dipoles) of the phospholipid bilayer?
  4. Doesn't mean anything. Thats just a theory. Its like saying "If you cut a tomato without cutting it, you would become twice your size :)" Prove it
  5. Interesting theory, but if there are no reference points..........what is expanding and what isn't? Maybe it is contracting instead of expanding? think about it. Another thing....... The relation between the distance from the body to the "expanding" object, and the "gravity force" or "how fast you are being "pulled" toward the pulling object" is not linear, it is indeed a curve. So in my opinion, your theory can't work. nice theory though
  6. so is ice a conductor or not YT?
  7. MrL_JaKiri "mars never contained life" Would you bet your life on that?
  8. Atlantic

    square root

    I'm trying to write a program in C++ that does square roots. does anyone know the algorithm for a square root using division, multiplication, addition, subtraction etc.
  9. people who proved carbon dating ineffective. btw, how do you know humans weren't around back then? were you there to see no humans?
  10. Does snow conduct electricity? how about ice? how about dry ice?
  11. I made a very educated (based on facts) hypothesis that humans killed them BTW they dated a live penguin (carbon dating) 40k years old. I wouldn't rely on those dates.
  12. try 21^(5/3) no calculator gets it right. Either a math error (overflow) or if you got a really fancy calculator (palm top) it will give you a really large number, which is wrong. Try it...... BTW the correct answer is: 3sqroot21^5 which is 159.8449148... Try putting the actual formula in , not step by step.
  13. I am not sure, i have watched some videos that show evidence that the government is hiding stuff about aliens. If they control information flow, it won't leak
  14. Due to polar ice caps, and some water vapour in the air, and the planet is covered with Iron OXIDE and there is hydrogen in the air. I would think there is water underground. The rocky surface doesn't seem to hold water that well The water may form caves, and as it vaporizes it may form a breathable atmosphere in those caves. Pretty interesting.
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