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  1. I want to conduct an experiment where I share my ideas and see where it takes me
  2. The alien is back. A lot of people need to think about their past actions.
  3. Good news kid's the government is helping us.
  4. Stop worrying people seriously.
  5. What is it and how do I acquire it?
  6. Galindo


    would i publish 6 pages on a website when I can write a book make millions and enlighten everybody in time.......
  7. Sorry, I'm only 18 but damn, I have every right to brag as well Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedI've already gone down in history as the smartest man on this planet...it's just a matter of how and when I will go public, too much at once is never a good thing.
  8. you said i had no dick...
  9. say hello to my father....
  10. I just figured out what Einstein dedicated his entire life for, you would be too. now get on your knees and blow me.
  11. I will be the greatest scientist to ever step foot on Earth.
  12. say hello to the future
  13. No...It's time for world peace...they are making a threat for a reason
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