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  1. I was reading up on the issues yesterday from several sources and I thought someone said Toyota trucks had some type of override and the cars did not. Please do not quote me on this. Your idea does appear to have merit to me.
  2. I sure would like to hear from someone that built the Foam Jet II. It might be best to try the FPG-9 first, search for template and instructions on the Internet. The flight trimming is a little tricky with a catapult glider in that it goes so fast at the beginning of the launch and then has to transition to slow glide. Watching my video Fun WIth Foam Gliders should give you an idea what the glide is like. Bill Kuhl
  3. I revisited an article in Popular Mechanics about the popular Discovery Channel show, “Mythbusters”. On occasion I do watch the show and was thinking maybe this show will get people more interested in science. After reading the PM article, it appears that is the case, the show has a huge following with nearly 2 million viewers per episode. The show has been running on cable television for six years but I have only had cable television for a little over a year now, so just started watching this year. Many people point to the positive aspect that the show gets people, particularly kids
  4. Last Sunday I promoted my website at a local film festival by bringing in models that I think can be good for science experiements; water rockets, mousetrap cars, solar cars, electric motors, and model airplanes. Lots of good questions but so far no one is interested enough to contact me yet. I am convinced this is a good thing to do no matter how many people try thwart my efforts.
  5. Like most careers, auto mechanics is becoming inscreasingly hi-tech and based on microprocessors. I created an article about a tour to a training facility. Link to article and Power Point version: [[LINK REMOVED BY MOD]] Bill Kuhl
  6. I just posted a new water rocket video on YouTube today, only 5 minutes long. It is mainly about the problems I have tried to solve in increasing reliablity over the last year. Bill Kuhl
  7. I have an article, fullsize plans in PDF, and a video about building a model glider from foam plates, foam tray, and milk carton cardboard. http://www.hbci.com/~bkuhl/FoamJetII.htm Bill Kuhl
  8. I created this video about water rockets: http://www.scienceguy.org/Videos/TabId/57/VideoId/10/Water-Rockets-I.aspx And wrote this article: http://www.scienceguy.org/Articles/WaterRockets.aspx
  9. This doesn't answer the question but I did some experiments with powering model airplanes with a capacitor, I wrote this article: http://www.maxconrad.com/aerox.htm
  10. New to the forum and I noticed someone mentioned rockets. I have a short article on water rockets, with corresponding video and Power Point on my website. http://www.scienceguy.org/Articles/WaterRockets.aspx Bill Kuhl
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