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  1. Probably. I doubt you could fold it hundreds of times without unfolding or just folding corners or something. I tried it but decided it proved nothing since my paper was A4. If you had paper thin enough to cut someone in half with a papercut obviously it'd be able to fold more. A tissue? It's not proper paper is it? Anyway I'm beginning to think that it only meant A4.
  2. I recently remembered something I'd heard ages ago about the amount of times it is physically possible to fold any pice of paper. I think it was something like "you can only fold a piece of paper 8 times". This is an incredibly vague statement... I mean couldn't the paper be astronomically big? Or thick? And what classes as a fold? I didn't know what category it belonged in. Anyone heard this before or something similar? Anyone know the answer?
  3. Yeah it would involve getting a crew on the ship (theoretically you'd need a crew) and basic stuff for keeping them alive, and wages. And of course fuel price is an issue... it'd probably take a percentage in double figures of oil on Earth today to fuel a mission like this.
  4. Do they know what they're mining yet? And have they thought about how many shuttles they will need? They will have to be extremely fast to make that sort of thing worthwhile.
  5. Yes, much easier to just buy H2SO4 I guess. I don't buy chemicals, not that into this sorta thing but it does interest me, must say. A-Level chemistry is tempting. In High School (English) we all are a little obsessed with blowing stuff up. We never get to ourselves but have indeed watched teachers blow stuff up which is fun. Y'know, fun experiments like methane bubbles and stuff. In blowing stuff up... can't remember any chemicals offhand. And wow, I've REALLY digressed.
  6. Borkborkbork is best surely! Oddly enough I discovered them just before I found this post, and I didn't search... weird.
  7. I guess Futurama doesn't count? 'Tis awesome...
  8. There aren't many countries in which drugs like that are legal, but I suppose that this is true. If he filmed the show in another country and broadcasted it in Holland or wherever there's still the issue of whether it's legal to show on TV. That guy's a nutter, so's his mum for supervising him. 8-| Weird. If that's the price of fame (suicide practically) then... well... he's a nutter?!
  9. Very odd. Obviously the orbit would be greatly affected because of the shift in the centre of gravity, as would rotation. With the newly shaped planet wouldn't the structure be destroyed? However it doesn't make sense for the thing to be built if everyone would suffocate. Also I would be greatly surprised if there was enough iron on Earth to make a steel layer. Unless there are the necessary metals on other nearby planets. I think a novel would have to go into the lives of some other race unless humans had simply migrated to a new planet... perhaps I'm not understanding you properly
  10. Hi... I'm Stephen Wragg aka username... and I'm a n00b. Science really interests me, I'm on here in search of a decent forum.
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