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  1. Now that I have reviewed this thread, it appeared Dave didnt even read my post but just answered to the title. Can I get an admin to respond who has actually read my post please (not trying to be too rude but it is a tad hurtful to be "autoreplied" to)? Yet again I come to this forum today and half the new posts are wiped because I have taken too long to blitz through them.
  2. Yes but the forums auto-read themselves after a set time. What I meant was to make the forums stay "lit up" until you press that button.
  3. Looks like a cutey to me. With a good personality you can't ask for more.
  4. You're right. Do you want her ribs or her legs? I'm not stingy.
  5. Its pretty aggravating to try and read all the forums, only to get to the physics forums and when im done all the forums below it are no longer lit up as new comments. Can you please put all new threads as "permanant" until we mark them as read? I dont want to be rushed to try and read and reply to all the new threads that I encounter. Thank you.
  6. If you want my personal take on it, read this thread: http://www.scienceforums.net/forums/showthread.php?t=14445
  7. 28 million light years would take you to a galaxy far far away, but more likely empty space....
  8. Dude.... Humans are not the only species to have pair bonds. We are the only ones to dwell on it though, or are we? My brother used to work with a species of penguin that would never form a pair bond again after its mate died. It was impossible to tell if this was a form of extended mourning but its possible. Blame the Oxytocin...
  9. Boy, arent you a ray of sunshine (pfffts right back in her face )
  10. I guess you never heard about Oliver the Humanzee
  11. Well I was just imagining a bunch of scotts rapping while sagging there kilts LMAO
  12. Scottish rappers would be the funniest $*&t I ever heard.
  13. The Peon


    Where is the barfing icon when you need one... (ok ill make my own, note the puke coming out of the smiley below). v V ____
  14. I always found it amusing how most people either enjoy rap or totally hate it with a passion. It's almost scary. Is it that no other music genre has produced such controversial lyrics? Is it all the wannabe gangsters the music has inspired to take up (or take down I should say) the baggy pants? I would love to know what inspires such passionate hatred in listeners for this genre. By the way, I started this thread because I saw a bumper sticker that said "You can't spell crap without rap." Gave me a chuckle, ironically because I was listening to Troublesome '96.
  15. Yea man, UMDNJ. He signed up for these forums too under the name "Nate." It's a small world
  16. The Peon


    Try DDO. Been playing it for some time and it's loads of fun. Although it does not have PvP. A good single player game to try would be The Godfather. Lots of fun.
  17. I think the big issue here is religion and cultural taboo. In my opinion we should be open and frank about sex and it should be an important part of our culture. I hate stigmatized sex. I grew up religious and always avoided sexual encounters and masturbation, thinking they were "bad" for me. Little did I know that the truth is quite the opposite. Ugh how I hate sexual "morals." This leads me to a question. Do ANY other animals on Earth "hide" from its own kind when they mate? Are we the only ones to not be open about sex? I notice animals like lions just mount up right in front of everyone without a care in the world. Are all animals like this?
  18. Meh I did it because my bro made one... Nate is my bro http://www.myspace.com/judicialpunishment Yea and you better friends list me damnit
  19. http://www.telekom.com.my/ I guess it could be either or. I am assuming the news agency knows it was a cell phone, although according to the website they also provide phone lines. Either way.... damn....
  20. OMG.... This is RIDICULOUS! LOL!! :eek: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/12247590/
  21. Not to mention how do you measure intelligence? A large portion of our achievements is due to culture, not intelligence. It's knowledge passed down from generation to generation and built upon. I am not trying to downgrade the human brain, I am merely saying a better question would be if the dinosaurs had a way of extensive communication like we do. I think our communication skills play a much larger factor in our achievements than brain potential, although in the end I guess they are all linked.
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