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  1. No no no! But thanks. The question was why does the brain do this, not how to "fix" it. And this is a science question, why was it moved to general discussion? I would like to know, in bio-chemical or psycho-analytical terms why our brain does this? Why dont we repeat a color in our mind, or a sound? Why is it always a friggin annoying song and why do this to begin with?
  2. Ok someone PLEASE explain to me why the heck we can't stop thinking about a stupid song? It keeps playing over and over and over and over and over ad-infinitum in our head and doesn't leave. And to make it worse, it's always a crappy song. Hell, I can remember one time a few years back I could not get that stupid Britney Spears song "Hit me baby" out of my damn head . So my question is, why does the brain decide to torture the being so?
  3. http://www.myspace.com/nazareth_lol LMAO!
  4. Hey mokele! You are one of those people I actually noticed was gone. Good to see you back man.
  5. So it appears from the above posts you think the US would be more isolationist? I was leaning more towards the US being more aggressive in its foreign policys and being more bully like than it is now.
  6. Congrats Sci forums! I have learned a great deal coming to these forums, and made some friends. I can only wish that I can continue contributing to this great archive of information.
  7. The Peon

    Why be human?

    This idea is nothing new. Do some research into Eugenics you might like what you read. I personally think Eugenics in the right dose could be a good thing. As for your ignorance comment, you are not looking at history. From a historical standpoint we are very VERY young in terms of understanding the bigger picture. Hell, it is not even been 200 years since we finally got a grasp on our true origins. Give man a chance before labeling us as ignorant monkeys.
  8. What if most of the oil reserves of the world was located in the USA... What differences in the political landscape do you think would be present, and how much more ambitious would the US be in its foreign policys?
  9. I think telephathy is hocus pocus. How can the mind manipulate the physical environment around it? For every action a reaction exists, and I don't see how a simple thought could do anything close to telepathy, levitation, etc. A more realistic scenario would be aliens using a form of body language or movements to communicate if they never developed a way of manipulating and recieving sound waves, which are proven to exist unlike some brain wave. Hell, I would even believe in a form of light pulses that are used as communication, which are recieved and interpreted by the other alien before some brain wave type communication. We as organisms use the environment to our advantage and manipulate laws and physical things that allready exist. We don't create new physics, or "brain waves."
  10. It would take more than a taco loving 100 pound spider monkey to stop me (starts up his bar-b-que)
  11. Two of my favorites: "Cease quoting the law. We carry weapons!!!" - Pompey the Great (to a city which objected to being besieged) "They couldn''t hit an elephant at this dist. . . . . " -General John Sedgwick (The greatest single uncompleted quote in history)
  12. I like my avatar and signature.
  13. I came from Jesus. Some of this is hear-say of course, but on my fathers side we are said to be descended from spanish nobility and one of my ancestors was a Knight of Santiago back in the middle ages. More recently (and this is more confirmed), my great great grandfather was a travelling musician who would go town to town playing the Mandolin for money and food. He met my great great grandmother while playing in a town in the Canary Isles. She heard his music and fell in love, they were married shortly after. My grandparents left spain at a very young age and went to Cuba. They had children (one of which was my father) and when my father was about 15 (1961) they fled Castros Cuba and arrived in Miami. They learned English in about 6 months and became citizens. Although they had to start from scratch upon arriving here they are doing fairly well now and love this country. My mothers side is a bit more sketchy. My grandfathers origins are not clear as he was an orphan at a very young age. Is is certainly from eastern european origin but was raised in the U.K. My grandmother is of Lithuanian/Polish descent and was raised as a traditional Jew. They migrated to the USA in the early 20th century, but many stayed in Poland and were killed by the Nazis in WW2. By grandfather served in WW2 as an aerial photographer (he flew in the bombers and took pictures). Perhaps one day I will do some more research into my familys origins. This is a pretty cool topic!
  14. Thats a pretty neat speculation. I can't wait (probobly not in my lifetime) when man can explore the outer solar system in much greater detail.
  15. Does anyone have pics of this? I would love to see what a shaved chimp looks like! LOL!!
  16. I don't think you guys are understanding how this would work. You enter the forum all new posts are lit up. As you read them they would get marked read. Any posts you did not read during that session would remain lit as not read UNLESS you press the marked read button. So, if I read a few interesting posts and decide not to read the rest due to not having an interest, I could push the marked read button and clear the whole forum. Only by marking them read or reading the thread would it get marked read. This way I could read all the forums without having to guess which threads are new or missing some threads because they were auto marked. And besides, maybe you could simply have this feature as a User CP option for those who wish it? I would greatly appreciate beyond words if this was implemented.
  17. Happieness is a state of mind, not a destination. Focus and meditate on what is important for you in life, and keep those goals in mind. I went through a divorce when I was younger, so I know how it feels to have the "girl problems." If you need someone to talk to about it who can relate to you I am here bud, just send me a PM. Whatever you do, death is NOT the answer. Things get better with time and life is a one time deal. Do NOT throw it away needlessly over some stress.
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