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    a planet called earth. You wouldn't have guessed :P
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    science related stuff ( duh!) math, art stuff, ( I like drawing), listening to music, hanging out with people that I like to be with
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    I like it all
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    I am myself and absolutly no one else. I am also 16 and interested in in all sorts academic related stuff.
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    being awesome
  1. Good stuff to know, especially since I have a lot of exams coming up. Thanks.
  2. My math teacher told me. Here's a website http://federalbureauofmiscellaneousinformation.com/node?page=3
  3. Apparently most people fear spiders more than they do death. Why would that be, I wonder? I mean, the worst thing a spider bite can do is kill you.
  4. Hey everybody My name is Taylor. I'm new here, (obviously,lol) and I'm definately looking forward to participating in this forum. I am 16 and am currently taking some required classes at college. I am a self proclaimed nerd and proud of it, ( though I do enjoy a lot of "un-nerdy" sort of things.) ~later
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