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  1. Electrochemical gas analysers can be used to measure CO, CO2, O2, SO2, NO2,and NO when using a biofuel called Waste Cooking Oil Methyl Ester (WCOME). What other methods can be used to measure the gases emitted by engines using this fuel or any fuel for that matter?
  2. Try this, A frog has 2 meters to travel, On its first leap it can jump 1 meter, Every leap after its first it can only leap half the distance of the previous leap. How many leaps before it travels 2 meters?
  3. Why can people never just say "Ok I'm happy about my life". I find the majority of people need to be giving out about something or they don't feel content. Is this an inadequeacy of people or the system they live in. They're always wanting more, in some form or another. (This I know is necessary to the progression of our race but hear me out) Even if "more" may cause hardship to another person. (Survival of the fittest yes....wait) But I increasingly find myself questioning civilised human nature. By that I mean on one hand we say "That's wrong, you can't steal from him/her", on the other a person is allowed to make a decision which affects thousands in a derogatory way. We stand by saying "That's terrible" and do nothing. Some one else is always the cause of the problem and there are thousands of solutions... coming from all angles. I long for a day when honesty will prevail, wouldn't everything be so much simpler...!!!
  4. CP Luke, a similar program to photoshop is Paint Shop Pro 8.0, its by Jasc software. A program similar to Autocad is Microstation 8.0. Microstation will open autocad files and you can also save files in Autocad format. You can export your files in IGES also which can be opened by most design or drawing packages. Microstation is by Bentley, they do a student package for about $60 and it can be used for about 2 years.
  5. I think an addiction may find a way of getting its fix whether your aware of it r not. i think a person may believe they simply like something and continue consuming it until they eventually realise that they are over doing it, then they probably try to quit or cut back and find it difficult and realise they have an addiction.
  6. Ah give them fish a couple of million years and they'll be knocking us off the top of the food chain.....
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