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  1. Ok, but if light is increasing the number of virtual particle collisions and the blackhole is pulling one of them into reality and absorbing the other does the number pulled into rerality have the capabilities of removing the black hole without violence, and what happens to the matter that is now caught in a non-existant gravity well?
  2. Hi im a high school student living in australia and have started a post the Life and Death of Blackholes. Please look at it and post something that may help me.
  3. I get that, but the original theory states that this virtual positive/negative is happening every where and when, and the blackhole is absorbing the negative. But the actual reaction is happening from a build up in energy that needs to disipate. Hence the positive/negative reaction. My question is asking that just by passing through a patch of space does light increase the number of times the negative/positive reaction happens.
  4. I am an australian high school student and was watching a program on tv explaining one of Steven Hawkings theroes about negative-positive particle cancelation and blackholes, and the came up with 2 questions: 1) If a blackhole is absorbing energy from light and chemicular reactions of normal particles, while also absorbing anti-matter particles (created in close proximity to the blackhole) that can decrease the said blackholes mass, does the energy increase the number of anti-matter particles created close to the blackhole that are then absorbed by it? 2) If so then is there a possibili
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