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  1. haha. Those shoes are sexy. I run in the school halls. I trip over little juniors. Then i yell at them. Teachers don't mind. I would run to places, but i am so seriously unfit, that i can't even bend my back without yelling in pain.
  2. Tell me you're not from the same school as i am. D: *cough* anyway, thanks to you guys, i am now growing a beautiful microbe from chicken. I ended up using the sterile Q-tips. Alright, my microbe, which apparently, is a fungus--- is growing only one plate, but that's alright. Anyway, here are the characteristics of my "fungus" Form: Circular Elevation: Raised Margin: Entire, but it maybe curled... Texture: Soft, fluffy-like Colour: white Size: 3cm in diameter, but i can' be sure, since it's sticking near the edge of the plate. I also enquired on YahooAnswers, and
  3. Thanks for the help! So i've obtain the sterile swabs (from my sister)... but it seems like getting those nice consistent strikes on the agar is the key to this experiment... will Q-tips work the same? i can get those from my local GP. @Fuzzwood: Can you explain or show me a diagram of how this 'fleece' should look like? D: Your information is fantastic! <3 @CharonY: If i use toothpicks... to sterilise them, don't i have to burn them?! D: Or do i dump it in a bucket of cleaning detergent/bleach to sterilse? Is that even sterilising?! D: @Mr Skeptic: I like the sound of
  4. hurhur, on the top of my head; Othello Syndrome is most likely based off Shakespeare's Othello. Probably means a woe-is-me person, who is easily used and suffers the consequences. May also indicate that that person has many insecurities in his life affecting their daily routine. Haha. Year 11 English Adv has helped. Hoped this helped a little. Artspeak... :/ probably all that "inner art theory"... i may excel in visual arts, but i fail at the theory. D:
  5. Hiya, i'm Lolita from Australia. I'm currently a Year 12 student, loving biology. Nice to meet you all. <3
  6. Righto, hi there! I'm conducting an experiment to identify microbes in water. So i've been give two agar plates--- the control's in the classroom. I've chosen water as my subject, and i have to grow microbes/bacteria on them. I was thinking about pond water (found in a disgusting hole (?) at school) and normal, bottled water, most likely Mount Franklin Bottled water. So i know what to do... just applying it onto the agar plates is the bit.. D: I've read numerous methods, and they all involve THE LOOP. D: I do not possess such an item at home, and i doubt the school will lend me one.
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