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  1. Well said Phi for All. To me if the ice breaks, I just let it go. If it's wrong it's wrong. You can't use only intuition but it does help for a starting place. And speculation will only work if there's reason backing it. Unfortunately, scientific method sometimes cannot prove some concepts (yet at least). I should say that if it cannot be tested by the scientific method to prove or disprove, it should be regarded as a possibility at least.
  2. Well yes that is usually the case but only for the final proof. But if things don't have evidence and you just discard them, then no one will bother to find out if it's true or not. You can't just say something's wrong just because the explanation seems to unbelievable. Just like people thinking the Earth was motionless in the center of the universe, the Sun was pristine, and the Earth was flat. All of which was later proved false. Same here, just because we can't prove it now doesn't diminish if it is correct or not and some theories can be based from them. Think, if this is proved wrong, this gets scrapped.
  3. Nope. It takes the data it recieves and compares it to what it perceives to be beautiful. Logic is not based on concept, really just facts. Psuedoscience is merely theories based upon or are relating to concepts that cannot (yet) be proven with logic. Does that make them nonexistant? Impossible? Wrong? No, merely the scientific community in general does not accept them. I'm just speaking for myself here but, before I condemn something to be entirely impossible, I'd make myself absolutely sure of that. And if it's still possible in whatever way, I would recognise that and accept it.
  4. I saw a periodic table and was hooked. And somewhere I got interested in physics.
  5. If you want proof of the AP stuff. http://www.paganlibrary.com/reference/monroe_techniques.php That is merely the going theory. It hasn't been proven yet that that is the case. Now listen, all you are questioning AP. Why? What's so wrong about it? You see it as ethereal and mystic and immedeately claim it wrong. Superfluous, yes. Impossible not in the slightest. Any way, like I said, lets get off the issue of AP. Otherwise this'll just break down into an I'm right, you're wrong debate that'll surely end up in the trash bin.
  6. I think as the mind as merely the controlling feature, not what makes us, us. Think of it like a computer, your personality is based upon the operating system, memories are the programs on the computer. The mind though, is the entity using the computer. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Close enough meaning I was at the onset of projection. There is a stage just before it called the vibrational stage where you can feel some kind of energy. I have definately gotten to this stage several times and felt rejuvinated each time the next mourning. Also there is the fact that several times I've felt something leave my body. Anyway, lets leave AP alone for now, it's apperant that it cannot be proven or disproven at this time. So just assuming it's correct what of the rest?
  7. No, no tangible evidence. But as soon as i do get some I'll let you know.
  8. I have had some success with AP and other things that solidify this belief. (Psychic being one of them). I do agree on that, I use the word 'dimension' for ease and simplicity. (that and the fact I don't know a better word) While I've never totally astraled, I have gotten close enough to know t's possible. Who says that? String theory I believe. Supposed by who? Many people. I just googled it just to make sure and just about everyone says that. (And yes I do know that 90% of the internet is crap. But I look for consistency) I've gotten close, but I know people who have I should've said without relevance to this plane. Such as?
  9. Hi I'm HOMER, I'm increadably interested in the periodic table, theoretical physics, Noetics, etc.
  10. Okay. Fist of all, hi I'm new. I really don't know which forum this theory should go into. Since it delves into some pseudoscience topics though It might fit here. My theory is basically that while our bodies are on this dimension, our minds are on another. I think that these two dimensions are entangled or merged together. I think that happened with the big bang. They say that two membranes collided and bounced off eachother to create the big bang. I say what if they never separated? Astral Projection is when you move in a 'second' body to move around. You can go through walls, get to any destination quickly and change your form. You can't do that in this dim. but if our minds are in a second, overlaying one it would make sense. I believe that in this second dim. there is no regard for space and time. Meaning you can go anywhere at any time in this. Astral I believe is whn you move inside this dim. via your mind, while still connected to your body. (or else you'd die>) Ind I don't know if this is true or not but you supposedly can meet dead spirits in this plane. If this is true, that should confirm that our minds are on another level and when we die, we are merely cut off form this dim. If this is true it could help explain entanglement theory, noetics, and almost every occult practice to date. So any comments, questions or debunking?
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