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  1. I consider myself atheist in terms of God being an omniscient, conscious, sentient entity. The Bible and many other religious texts state God as being perfect. Yet God though of Lucifer as his favorite. In my mind, if one was perfect, one wouldn't have preferences and that affects ones actions. Also, I really don't like the concept of 'just believe' as I see that as merely bowing down to someone and not thinking for yourself. It makes you a lamb and the one in charge (whether Pope, priest, or Rabbi) the Shepard. On top of that, every major religion states that if you don't believe in their deity, you are eternally punished. I don't care what you've done, nothing equals eternity. To me these are not the acts of our 'lord and savior' but the acts of a tyrant.
  2. Interesting thoughts. But Bee makes a good point. Though instead of having the student choose those classes most interesting to them, why not just make every class interesting? There are some schools that are considering video games to enhance learning by making the classes actually fun for most students. And generally, when one is interested, one is more likely to learn.
  3. The mayans only say that is a time of great change, nothing more!
  4. Bang Bang BOOM! You've been nuked by that stupid politician that you thought killed but he somehow survived. Now you're dead and I'm alive... End of story! (P.S. I killed the stupid politician later in his sleep and took over your government and changed it into an unlimited monarchy!)
  5. That is until some idiot politician labels you a terrorist and declares war on you. Yeah, sydicalism is not impressive. At least with capitalism, we have laws put in place to protect the consumer and worker.
  6. I looked at Border's... not even a section relevant to science... exept maybe computers... but then again it was a very small store at a mall so...
  7. Anarchy, ANARCHY!!! Wow... Sorry that just doesn't work. Look at (what was it called?) Rowanda I believe... No governmental system what so ever and every one suffers there. No one has anything! Now I do not know what Syndicalism is though... Oh btw, we are talking of only these two as they are the most common and most popular really...
  8. I looked for them yesterday at a small bookstore but couldn't find them... I need to look in Barne's and Nobel's...
  9. So that says that the assumption of reality is the normal state (waking or dreaming). The interesting case then becomes imagination ('daydreaming'), in which we are able to play out a scenario and still retain at least some level of alertness to external stimuli. Or when you lucid dream. By far better than day dreaming. Imo.
  10. Up until recently it was theoretical-astrophysicist. Now it's game development. I'm interested in creating the look of the games things like the terrain and stuff. And perhaps even testing.
  11. Wow, I loved him on television... I should get these books.
  12. Halo Reach might be a good game. Fallout 3 is awesome with its diversity especially with the broken steel expantion pack. Drawn to life do not get. Incredibly stupid story line but still interesting with its concept. I was hoping for the next tiberium game. And for Fangus Klott. And this one isn't really recent but I think it's good enough and not well known enough to get away with but Chrono Cross. (You won't believe how many people who are looking for the next Chrono Trigger don't know of this game!) Oh and Red Faction Guerilla. Awesome destruction engine!
  13. Alot of the times more costly stuff is less damaging. Take shade-grown coffee for instance. Better for the environment, less slashing and burning, doesn't wear out soil as fast (if at all) and has its own unique taste. If people would buy more of this, demand would increase and supply would also. Thus lowering the cost.
  14. We need to put more emphasis and better rewards on innovation rather than a way to make a quick buck. Let greed work for us in effect.
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